Monday, December 2, 2019

ナギちゃん お誕生日おめでとうございます! 12/3 Happy Birthday 2019, Nagi!

I may not have a whole lot of time for blogging anymore nowadays, but I will never forget the girl I fell in love. Here's some fanart for her birthday along with a video of me painting her. Born on December 3, 1991 in the manga's timeline, Nagi would be 28 years old now in our time. I bet she's older than most of you.

Also, I will never forget to inform the entire world that on April 12, 2017, Hayate x Nagi officially became a couple along with the canon ending of Hayate The Combat Butler.

I wish I could have done more, but I'm so pressed for time nowadays with my new job. 

I've also managed to obtain the last official Nagi figure: the third repaint of her cat version from Orca Toys. Got it used from Solaris Japan, but unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have arrived yet. I'll be sure to take pictures when it arrives sometime this month -- I assume.

Digital version
For the digital version of her, I just stuck with 2D hard colors. i know many people prefer the more painterly feel of other artists, but honestly, although I am capable of it, it just doesn't sit well with me.
Watercolors on paper
This is the original version of the artwork -- the one that you see me painting in the video. Also, the pose is not quite original. I copied it from a Miku digital fanart that was doing the exact same pose. Of course, I did use my own figure for the reference.


  1. I found your blog years ago, and loved reading your analysis of Hayate chapters as the series was ending, and would've liked to comment too then. Compared to 2017, my life has not changed overly much though I have certainly become more 'jaded.' It warms my heart to see Nagi and Hayate kept alive in yours.


    1. It's nice to hear from a fellow Nagi fan, always. Also, it's too bad you weren't able to join the discussions then.

      My income stream has really gone downhill over the past year and yet, I'd say I'm much happier now than I ever was. I've since taken up a new job and while it's tiring, I think I can get used to it until I'm able to take up educational units to become a teacher.

      Getting to know Nagi and falling in love with her made me realize that there is some good and some happiness to be found in this world of ours. I want to enjoy the limited time that we all have in this life loving Nagi and being with my family because we never know when our lifetimes may run out.

      It's nice to have lofty goals as well, but not everyone needs to make an impact to find satisfaction in this world -- at least that's what I've learned so far as I'm getting up there in age.


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