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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 548: Creation From Light -- Review and Synopsis

Synopsis:  Hisui: At last, you're kneeling before me.

Hisui: Now to take teh stone~

Hayate: Why is it amidst all this destruction this kid

Hayate: Still wants to win this fight. She just won't stop.

Hisui: Here I come~

Hayate: Awww c'mon, lez stop fighting (time for you to join my harem)

Hisui: Isn't this what you wished for?

Yozora: Yes~ s'awright. Wait a sec, I'm a bit busy right now.

Isumi: Are wa?

Athena: Who ya gonna call? (ghost busters)

Yozora: Yeah, yeah, guess it can't be helped.

Yozora: Anywayz, my role ends here. I leave the rest to you.

Person on Denwa: Gotcha, be there in 2 minutes~

Athena: Where ya goin?

Hayate and his desperate fighting style.

Yozora: Who knows? :D Now, let's settle this shall we?

Hisui: Afraid to take me on bare-handed? You effin butler!?

Effin Butler: I'll do anything to win!

Hisui: Then I'll slice ya to pieces~

Effin Butler: I gotz teh timing~

Hisui: Effin let me go, Yozora!

Yozora: Hisui, you can't beat Ayasaki Hayate right now.

Hisui: Nani?

Effin Butler: Are wa?

Hisui: Lemme go! We need that thing.

Yozora: Ya need to understand...

Yozora: Hisui, this is my last present.

Yozora: Use this and become the king.

Yozora: It was an honor to have met you.

Sorry, but I feel nothing for you. You look cute here though.

Hisui: :( Yozora...?

Effin Butler: Nani?

Effin Butler: Are wa-----

Effin Butler: Blargh~

Hisui: Thanks for that...

Hisui: Now then, with this I shall be Ki--

Athena: With this, you gonna give up, right?

Isumi: Sorry but, this is the end of the line, right?

Hisui: I see...

Hisui: It's a shame but...

Hisui: We're out of time~

Isumi: Eh?

Athena: Nani?

Denwa Man: Sorry, I'm a bit later than 2 minutes.

Hisui: S'awight. I got this.

Hayate: Dare!?

Isumi: Are wa... (shaky shaky)

Hisui: Sorry for the late intro.

Hisui: Meet mah butler (who is more bad-ass than Hayate who can't beat a little girl)

Hisui: Himegami~

So many developments this chapter... most of them stuff that I dun really care about. We have the big fat reveal that Yozora did indeed call Himegami -- well, we all knew this, right? Also, he is apparently Hisui's butler.

Also, Yozora suddenly decided to disappear into thin air -- apparently forever... bye, Yozora-chan, we hardly knew you. Really, her goodbye had zero impact because all we ever knew is that she's a manipulative character. In this chapter though, we're shown that she seems to genuinely care for Hisui.

Ok, so we're also shown that Athena can indeed use her unlimited blade works magic even without Midas' influence.

Never cross a servant-level magus,

Oh, and Skeleton Midas suddenly pounced on Hayate from out of nowhere... dunno what that was all about.

Anyway, I didn't really think much of this chapter because as usual, the main characters are just being played like tools by the villains. Still, Hisui is just as awesome as ever. It's good that we're shown a moment of weakness to her in this chapter. I'm sure Hayate almost had her and would have won the fight if Yozora hadn't intervened. With that said, we can definitely count on Hisui being better prepared next time.

Ok, here's the thing. Hisui managed to pick up one of Hayate's stones. Seems she wants to become the king or somethin... dunno wazzup with that.

K, that's that. Not much to review here. Also, dun forget to support Hata and buy the manga. Vol. 49 is out.

Himegami: Damn, I'm bad-ass!

Also, it was Hata's birthday yesterday. I just tweeted some birthday art and senpai noticed me~

Awright, that's it for now. Hata's takin a 2-3 week break. See ya then~

Fanart Corner:
The first one is a Nagi meme and goes with anything. Feel free to use it. Anywayz, here ya go~

Hata's drawing not mine. I just traced it and added the colors... and finished her hair lines


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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 547: Hayate vs Hisui!! The Must See Last Battle! - Review and Synopsis

Synopsis: Greetings! Early spoilers from lordcloudx fail translations at your service.

Hayate: As expected, this kid doesn't hesitate... this person...

Hisui: shyaaaa 0_0!

Hayate: Shit...

Hayate looks all cool here... just before he gets beat up

Hayate: This is really dangerous ain't it? These blades?

Hisui: So what? This is a life and death struggle, isn't it?

Hisui: You've gotta be prepared to put your life on the line if you stand against me.

Hayate: Kaa! (lol! good job, hi-chan)

Hayate: You've gotta be kidding me. How is this kid moving like this?

Hayate: b-but if you kill me then you'll never know where I hid the stone, right?

Hisui: My friggin huge snake eyeballs can see that you hid it in your right pocket.

Hayate: Na-nande!?

Hisui: You dun get, do ya?

Hayate: w-what?

Hisui: I knew everything from the start.

Hayate: F-from the start?

Hisui: All your efforts were for nothing. I knew from the start. I knew from the start.

Hisui: I can see everything from the start.

Hayate: This kid is friggin stro...

Hisui: Now, now... pass me dat stone.

Hayate: NEVAH!!!

Housen: Ah, Hisui Hisui... as expected, you're really the best eh?

Housen: fascinating ain't it?

Housen: Seems it'll take a while, so time to take out the trash eh?

Housen: Well then, by your leave.

Athena: Go easy on me huh?

Housen: Dozo

Voice: Well then, good

Isumi: Nice,  a direct hit.

Isumi: Ya ok?

Athena: Yeah

Isumi: Oh, and here's machina's dirty clothes

Athena: OMFG NO THX!

Athena: Also, over there.

Housen: Now I'm mad.

Housen: That was quite a surprise attack, Saginomiya Isumi

Isumi: I am honored by your kind words, princess... now then... please turn back to gold, King Midas' Daughter.

Hayate: wtf was that?

Hisui: Hahaha! This has really turned into the last battle!

Hayate: Stop saying that! We need to get out of here!

Hayate: Aren't you afraid of anything?

Hisui: If you're afraid of such a thing, then you'll never be like the king.

Hayate: The king?

Hisui: Yes, someone as empty as you could never appreciate it.

Where did he pick up another sword from anyway?

Hisui: Someone with no desires who lives as wrongly as you!

Hisui: Wishes make people stronger! Hopes shape the future!

Hisui: This power is the shape of my wish!

Hisui: So know this... I am the chosen one!

Hayate: In this situation, the fight won't stop.

Hayate: If that's the case...

Hayate: This is game over, isn't it?

Hisui: That hurts... this thing is not what a king fears

Athena: Fudge... you're not gonna hold back, are you?

Athena: If this keeps up, the mansion will really collapse

Isumi: You're pretty strong, huh?

Housen: Nah, not really

HOusen: However, Tennousu Athena is recovering quickly. At this rate, our lose is inevitable. Also wtf is... (looks at Hisui)

Good job, Hi-chan!

Housen: She can't beat Hayate Ayasaki.

Housen: If we can't beat him, we can't get the stone. Then... I have no choice

Housen: Hello, this is Housen.

Review: Gotta be honest, I was cheering for Hisui all the way during this chapter -- and she certainly delivered. I like how she beat Hayate up both physically and emotionally. It seems the emotional blow didn't quite get to him yet, but I'm sure he'll start thinking about what she said pretty soon.

Isumi: Can I have my revenge match now?

I'm also glad to see that Hisui is super competent in combat -- which would explain her bravado in the previous chapter. Unfortunately, as Housen pointed out, she can only fight Hayate to a standstill. It seems she can't beat him. Housen herself admits to being at a disadvantage against Isumi and a quickly recovering Athena... because somehow, Isumi will win... lol!

Anyway, Isumi casually confirmed that Housen is indeed Midas' daughter. I'm sure Hata will explain that away at some point.

While it was nice to see Isumi finally get her revenge match, the highlight of this chapter was really Hisui (again) being effin crazy and actually talking more sense than Hayate -- who was once again his passive, wishy-washy self this entire chapter. Gotta tell ya (again), I enjoyed watching Hisui beat him up and I hope there's more to come.

I have exactly one guess as to who Housen is calling up: Princess God.

Ok, really exciting chapter, but not much to discuss... yet. This is really shaping up to be the final arc alrighty, but there's still a lot left to be resolved. I also feel that both Housen and Hisui will turn out to be not so bad once everything is over.

As a side note, vol. 49 of Hayate is out. Imma buyin it coz mai waifu is in it... even if she's not the cover girl this time. That honor goes to Maria. Go buy eet and support Hata if ya can!

By the way, Doughnut Gunso has mentioned that Hisui is not a "flat character" -- I beg to disagree... her chest is flatter than Nagi'!

Anyway, no break next week so see you then!

Fanart Corner:
I have one today. It's actually an old sketch that I've finally had time to digitally color recently.

Mai waifu is so tsundere here

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 546: Spiral Mirror Bliss Theater -- Review and Synopsis

Synopsis: Hisui: Mataku, why'd you come here in the middle of da night?

Hisui: You're a bit lacking in common sense, ain't ya?

Hayate: Sorry, didn't have time to push the intercom.

Hisui: So, ya lookin for this? (shows em the stone)

I gotz ya stone right here~

Hayate: Are wa!

Athena: Watashi no ishi

Hisui: N?

Hisui: Yozora? Who da shrimp?

Yozora: Eh?

lovely, isn't she?

Yozora: AA... are wa Tennousu Athena desu

Hisui: Tennousu?

Hisui: Could this be the old man's favorite, Tennousu Athena? But I thought she was 17 or 18.

Yozora: yearh....

Hisui is crazy... I like her.
Yozora: She used the royal power with da king's jewel or somethin and then lost her memories.

Yozora: To cure the illness of death, Tennousu Athena used the royal powah 10 years ago. (I dunno whose death she's talkin about. Seems to be Athena's or it could be Mikado's)

Yozora: Father assigned the Tennousu House to protect...

Yozora: Anywayz, various things happened after that and she got confined in the Royal Garden for a few years.

Yozora: So like Mikado somehow turned her into a kid and stuff (wait for the proper scanlations lol)

Yozora: Anywayz, it's a big wonder. Could it be your purpose is to destroy the  Royal Garden and the Royal Power?

Athena: Yearh, good thing you got that! I'mma destroy everything!

Yozora: Well ain't that a shame? What can you do in that form?

Yozora: Careful, Hisui. Her purpose is to destroy that jewel.

Hisui: She wants ta regain her true form by destroying that jewel.

Athena and Hayate: We're screwed

Yozora: Anywayz, without destroying that stone, you a helpless liddle kid.

Yozora: Ain't that a shame? With the stone here you gonna be a kid foreeeeever~

Hisui: There's no forever, biyatch

Yozora: Eh?

Hayate and Athena: Eh?

Yozora: Hisui WA YA DOIN?

Hisui: move yo ass, Yozora

Hayate: It's BROKEN BAKA NA!

Hayate: Wait, but this is to our advantage.

Hayate: A-tan!

Athena: I'mma powerin up~


Hisui: 0_0....

Hayate: A-tan!

Hayate: A-tan daijobu!?

Yozora: Fudge... I'm screwed

Yozora: Hisui anata doushite?

Hisui: kuaaaa kukkukukukukuku

Hisui: Ahahahahahahahahaha!

Hisui: I see, so this is the real thing.

Athena: Shh... my power level is about to exceed 9000~

Hisui: It really exists huh? The castle, the power

Yozora: Masaka... anata...

Hayate: Ascertain it with your own eyes?

Hayate remembers what Sakuya said about Hisui being troublesome coz she just DUN CARE!

Yozora: B-but da friggin stone!

Hisui: Dun worry bout it

Hisui: We got a stone right in front of us.

Yozora: Eh?

Hayate: Do-doushite?

Hisui: The stone may be destroyed but jez take a good look in front of you.

Hisui: This is...

Hisui and Hayate: advantageous

Hisui:  Well then, shall we go?

Watcha gonna do now, Hayate?
Hisui: This is my battle~ flies at Hayate

Hayate: stands there like an idiot

Athena: Hayate!

Hisui: Ha? Very good~

Hayate: This kid... is really serious...

Review: Lots of stuff happening in this chapter but the most important thing of course is that big A-tan is back! Huzzah... for those of you who care about that sort of thing. Go ahead and have a field day with this chapter.

Hisui: I just broke the stone and I'm all casual about it, yo~
Anywayz, she is back due to Hisui being a crazier biyatch than even Yozora thought she was. Seems she just wanted to make sure that all this crazy BS that Yozora has been presumably feeding her is all true and so, she just put it to a test by restoring Athena's true form. Can't help thinking that Hisui breaking Athena's stone so whimsically like that was pretty much an antithesis to Nagi's breaking the stone for Hayate's sake. Can't be a coinc

Just to make sure that you all realize that she's still a villain, she then proceeds to go and attack Hayate for his remaining stones coz ya know, they still need a stone to get into da Royal Garden and stuff. I'mma thinkin Yozora and Athena won't just be standing around, either so we got a battle goin in the next chapter, I suppose.

Personally, I'm quite interested in seeing more of Hisui in action. Also a good thing that Athena is now back into her teenage form more or less permanently. Time to settle some loose ends with her ship and all.

Fanart Corner:
Yeah, I got some today. Here ya go~ I drew this for a friend