Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stepmother ft. Hatsune Miku 初音ミク - English Translation

I don't often do Vocaloid song translations but when I do... Ok, that's a terrible meme. Forgive me. Anyway, this is a really beautiful song that I just happened to come across while randomly surfing. I looked around and it didn't have an English translation and I thought this was quite a great injustice, so I had to rectify that. I'm not quite that proficient in Japanese, so I hope you'll forgive me for any inaccuracies, but I do hope I've at least captured the essence of the lyrics.


Our first meeting
It was a bit of an awkward circumstance
The spoiled cherry blossom that was you
Called out to my sister and I.

Hand-in-hand, we found a connection

Your lack of bashfulness
My lack of courage

I'm sorry
For never noticing with my immature eyes
How you were always there for me

That cold, lonely voice
that never cries
leading the way with your small form

Always showing an unclouded smile
We waited for several days
That was when a white letter arrived
With words of farewell and relief

It wasn't really lonely
Was how I saw it
And it was all because
you were there for me

loneliness and time
and the seasons seem to overlap

Once you are done with everything,
Let us go home together, you and I

Do you still remember?
When I was told back then that
I was still "too young?"
It seems so far away now

Next time,
call me your "dandruff-ridden mother"

I wished for a normal
parent-child relationship
Or was that such a cruel thing to ask?

The walls of time between us
I wonder... even if I beg and whine?

I'm sorry
For being unreliable
Forgive me for my love
When you welcomed me

If it ever comes true,
If we ever meet again,
I'll be waiting for that day

"Always being your mother" (Sung in English)

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