Sunday, October 25, 2015

LTO Robinson's Place Iloilo - Deceitful Practice

I would much rather prefer to blog about Nagi ALL THE TIME... but you know, there are some things that I just can't let slide, and this incident is one of them.

Here's the scenario: I had my driver's license processed for the printing of a new permanent license card at LTO Robinson's Iloilo Branch around two weeks ago counted from the date of this blog post. Since I had already processed everything for renewal way back in February, all I had to do was submit a photocopy of the temporary license they issued me back then -- which was basically a flimsy piece of paper that serves as a valid driver's license. They told me to come back next week (which was last week), but I didn't have time until today.

So today, I went to Robinson's at around 10:00 AM and I found that there was already a long queue in front of the LTO office. So when it was my turn in front of Window 6, the releasing officer, she told me to leave my permanent license with her and to come back at 11:30 because my license had not been printed out just yet.

So I was like, "ok, that seems reasonable." I was already on my way out when I heard the guy from window 1 suddenly declare "Indi kami ka print lisensiya subong. Guba ang printing machine. (We cannot print any licenses today. The printing machine is broken.)" So this alarmed me and I immediately walked back to window 6 to ask what I was supposed to come back here for at 11:30. The releasing officer then reassured me that I would get my permanent license at around that time. I came back at 11:45 and the queue was longer than ever.

Fortunately, when it was my turn at window 6 again, I finally received my permanent license card without a hitch after being made to sign some kind of release quota list.

Then, just after I'd received my card, again, someone from inside the office announced to everyone that, "Wala kami di printing ka license subong. (We don't print licenses right now)"

Okay... doesn't something about that seem sketchy to you? The contradiction between how I got my license card printed just today and the declarations of the LTO staff to the people at large who were just about to process their licenses today just seems too big for me to let slide. I just want to know: what exactly was going on in there today? Were the LTO staff being purposely deceitful? I know for a fact that my license card was printed today, but this is totally contradictory to their declaration that they cannot print any licenses until December.

If anyone who is legally empowered to look into this matter is reading this: please investigate this incident. I'm pretty sure this has become common practice for the LTO since I had to come back every 2-3 months to check up on whether they could print licenses or not and without batting an eye, the customer service representative told me to come back in the next two months -- this had been going on since March and I finally just received my license today.

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