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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 551 --- Review and Synopsis

So cutieful mai waifu! Nagi may only have those tiny bumps on her chest, but look at that arch on her back. That s-curve stands for sexy~
Synopsis: Hayate wakes up and Maria is there to greet him. Nagi arrives and Hayate has a traumatic flashback about Himegami saying that Nagi will lose everything because he's weak. Hayate huggles Nagi from out of nowhere because he's oh so PLATONIC and everything else you want to believe if you're a hater.

Athena sure is short. Seems the height difference between her and Nagi is quite negligible. The same goes for Ruka, btw.

Anywayz, Athena is at Sakuya's but she goes to the Violet Mansion and Hayate meets her by the entrance and confirms that she and Isumi are ok. Athena is all business as usual with Ayumu, Chiharu, Kayura, and Hina and is totally unaware that she's now in her big form whom most of them have never met -- until she takes a bath and notices that the faucet is too low. End of CHAPTER!
Some would say this isn't so far-fetched. Believe what ya want~
Go here for the long version.

Review: Right-o. So after the big battle things are slowing down a bit again with this chapter -- understandable. So there are various things in this chapter. Let's talk about em.

Big Athena: Athena's back now and she's still as funny as ever when she's interacting with the others because she's so straightforward. Also, she seems quite obsessed with losing the stones.

Hayate hugging Nagi:
Hayate hugged Nagi in a PLATONIC way again this chapter. Yeah, yeah. Anywayz, that's three significant times now. Shimoda arc, golden week arc, and now this final arc. This has to mean something considering that this particular scene, including Nagi's reaction were throwbacks to the previous two unprovoked hugging incidents.

Can you STILL blame Nagi for what enters her head after THIS?
Nagi looks as cute as ever.

One thing I've noticed about the art style. Athena while she's in the bath totally looks like Nagi except for the boobs and ringlet curls. Pretty sure this is intentional on Hata's part. He's definitely trying to get some kind of message across here -- of course, you'll totally handwave this and pretend to ignore it if you're a hater.

Setting Up The Bomb Between Them: From the way it looks, I'm almost 99% sure it's going to be Nagi who is going to be the candidate and open the path. We've got everything all set up here. We've got big A-tan causing all kinds of mayhem and her own brand of misunderstanding with her "violent night" with Hayate. We've got Nagi who secretly has a stone that Hayate is unaware. We've also got Hayate being himself -- which is always a recipe for disaster. Also, we've got Maria who has been plotting something for a while now... we just don't know what exactly.

Totally looks like Nagi here. Just ignore the boobs and ringlet curls.
Finally, daayum! Nagi looks super cute here with her reactions. It's worth noting that she's got pure intentions. She wants the inheritance for herself and Hayate's sake. Meanwhile, Hayate might be doing it for Nagi's sake, but he's still keeping it a secret from her and also, there's the "why is he going this far for her?" thing, which he himself probably does not understand.

In any case, chapter 549 was definitely Hayate's dream. No two ways about it. I'll leave the implications up to your imaginations -- but you have none if you're a Nagi hater.

Anywayz, that's that. This chapter was kinda funny but not much really going on. Next chapter will be out 12/7 but I'mma gonna post on 12/3 for mai waifu's birthday.

Fanart Corner: Did a quick sketch of A-tan on a whiteboard for her birthday today. Seems Hata liked it. Scored another retweet! Thank you, Hata Kenjiroh-sensei Of course, wait till ya see what I'm cooking up for Nagi's birthday coming this Saturday! See ya!

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 551 Transcript (Review and A-tan Birthday Art later

Yo, lordcloudx here. Since I had this all translated and all on my desktop. I'mma dump it here. Review and art later~

Hayate wakes up from chapter 549. Yes, it was HIS dream. No two ways about it.

Anywayz, Maria is there to greet him and he's back in Nagi's mansion.

Maria: Last night, you were at Sakuya's place. Wazzup?

Maria: Could it be my fault?

Maria: Coz I talked about quitting being a maid.

Maria: OUt of desperation, you went on a rampage in a maid cafe.

Hayate: I won't go to that extent. Forget about it.

Maria: Is that so? Well then, that's fine.

Nagi: Oh, Hayate.

Hayate: Oh, Ojou-sama

Nagi: Are you okay? It seems that you had a rough time at Sakuya's house.

Hayate has a flashback of what Himegami said that Nagi would lose everything.

Hayate: Ojou-sama...

Nagi: Huh?

Hayate huggles Nagi from out of nowhere. Third time and mentally counting

(Shimoda, Golden Week, Final Arc... if this does not mean something, I'll eat

my nonexistent hat.)

Nagi: eh, wait... Hayate?

Hayate: You won't lose everything.

Hayate: Ojou-sama won't lose everything. I will protect everything that

belongs to ojou-sama!

Nagi: Ha-Hayate!

Nagi has a flashback about Chiharu talking about her marriage with Hayate.

Nagi: I see... you're thinking about such things for me.

Hayate: Of course! Whether it's the past or future, I will protect ojou-sama!

Hayate: Anywayz, I'mma goin out for a while.

Nagi: Sure, go on.

Nagi gushes a bit about what Hayate said.

Maria: -_-......

Sakuya: Whatever the case may be, healing the body is good.

A-tan: Yes, whatever may happen. It's good to take care of yourself.

Sakuya: Well, you might have lost the stone, but at least you got your body

back. So it's fine, right?

A-tan: However, the fact is that two stones were lost.

A-tan: Now the enemy can enter the Royal Garden.

Sakuya: Well, it's true that two stones were lost but... you retrieved two of

something else anyway.

A-tan: Please stop it with that vulgar talk!

A-tan: Anywayz, I'mma goin to teh apartment.

Sakuya: Ok, then I'll drop you off in the car.

Hayate: A-tan!

A-tan: Hayate!

Hayate: I'm glad. Nothing happend to you.

Hayate: Where's Isumi?

A-tan: She's doing better than us. Dun worry.

Hayate: However, Himegami and Hisui have joined forces huh?

A-tan: Yesh

Hayate: Any idea where those two are?

A-tan: Isumi's on it, niggah!

A-tan: Anywayz, the stones were taken, but it's not over yet.

A-tan: Anywayz, we can't afford to make hasty assumptions in this situation.

That is why everything will be settled at Hakuo Academy!

Hamster: Welcome back, Hayate ku... te...eeeeeeh?

A-tan: Oh, Ayumu. Why are you here on a weekday? Aren't you going home?

Ayumu: ...... 0_0

Note: This is her first time meeting adult Athena.

Ayumu: No, it's the midterms right now...

(Unaware) A-tan: Ah, so you're doing some late night studying huh?

(Still unaware) A-tan: Do your best and you'll get good results!

A-tan: Anywayz, Hayate. I want to take a bath. Could you boil the water


Hayate: Wakata!

Chiharu: Oh, Ayasaki, you're here.

Chiharu: Ehhh?

A-tan: Ah, Chiharu. You're here as well, eh?

Chiharu: ......

Note: This is also Chiharu's first meeting with big A-tan.

Chiharu: Eh? But wait... Why?

A-tan: What's up?

A-tan: Ah, is it about the morning trip? If that's so. Dun worry about it.

A-tan: I was just together with Hayate last night.

Ayumu: (Whut...)

A-tan: Well, it was a rather violent night.

Ayumu: W-with this beautiful girl... Hayate....

Kayura: So, the second question is.

Hina: (talkin to Kayura about sometin)

Kayura: Anywayz, father.

Hina: n?

A-tan: (Shining!)

Hina: Eh? Wtf? EH?

A-tan: Ara... Hina. Ah that's right. I have a little something to talk to you

about, will you indulge me?

Hayate: The bath is ready.

A-tan: Ah, thanks.

A-tan: Anywayz, later, Hina.

Hina: Ah yeah. got it...

A-tan: The stones were taken. Now it will be easy for Hisui to open the path.

A-tan: However, it's not yet time... eh?

A-tan: Why is the faucet lower?


Hina: Why is Tennousu san here?

Ayumu: And what was up with that "violent night?"

A-tan: Oh right... I have my original body back now.

Note: After this, she also noticed that she has no change of clothes or

underwear with her.

Next chapter is on 12/7

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 550: What A Wonderful World (2) -- Review and Synopsis

Caption on cover: Their story began on that day. Now, this pair's final chapter begins!
Synopsis: For the long version, you can go here.

Anywayz, due to Hata's brilliant execution of the previous chapter which people complained about (they're complaining about this one too btw), we now get to what actually happened prior to that little scenario. (LOL~)

Basically, after some talking, it's Athena, Isumi and Hayate versus Himegami -- who comments on how it's going to be difficult for him. He attacks the weakest one in his opinion, Hayate. Hayate goes down, which prompts Isumi and Athena to stop their attacks temporarily.

You tell me what Himegami hit him with here? An awkward angled kick? A punch? A backhand punch?
Anywayz, Himegami tries to take Hayate's stone, but Athena and Isumi spring back into action. With this, Hisui decides to step in and reveal her trump card -- Yozora gave her powers to Hisui. With that, our yandere loli villainess unleashes a nuke type attack that takes out Hayate and company and almost hits Himegami while also totaling her own mansion.

With that, Hisui and Himegami take their leave with two King's Jewels in tow. Also, Himegami taunts Hayate about Nagi losing because he's weak -- which makes Hayate super angry and he goes for a desperation attack in one last burst of strength against Himegami -- which is easily blocked. With that, Hayate is ko'd. End of chapter!

Hisui has powered up!
Review: Several things worth talking about here. Let's begin.

Himegami's Power Level You'd think that old Himegami might be supah-powerful because of the previous chapter, but at least we learn he's not all that in this one. Yeah, he seems to be more combat-capable than Hayate, but that could have been just a sucker punch that only works once.

Note that in this chapter, he avoids engaging either Athena or Isumi directly and he notes how it was getting difficult fighting the two of them at once. To be fair, Yozora also had trouble holding off Athena and Isumi combined - which would lead me to believe these two are to the top tier of this series when it comes to combat -- probably alongside Ikusa and Yozora herself.

Himegami might be more or less just equal to or a little bit beter than Hayate at the moment -- despite Isumi's scared reaction upon seeing him. She didn't seem all that scared when she started whipping out dem talismans at him.

At any rate, Yozora's power combined with Hisui's combat ability, all-seeing snake eyes, and nerves of insanity (lol) probably puts her at the top of the food chain when it comes to pure combat right now.

It's also worth noting that Himegami puts his mask on when he fights. Might be nothing but it might have something to do with why Isumi thinks he's not the real Himegami.

Himegami and HisuiWhen Hisui asks Himegami to confirm her assertion that she is a better heir than Nagi, Himegami doesn't really directly agree with her. It's more like an "if you say so" agreement. So something tells me that Himegami and Hisui's goals don't necessarily coincide with each other. It will be interesting to see how this develops in the future.

Am I the only one who thinks Hisui looks really pretty in this panel?
In any case, we are now left with the classic shounen situation. The good guys have just been soundly defeated by the baddies -- so now it's time for a training montage to power up. It's worth noting that Hayate's strongest abilities, his demon mode and Hayate no Gotoku! have not come into play yet. We all know both are reserved for Nagi, so let's see what's up with that.
How will you protect your kawaii waifu this way, Hayate? Gotta step up your game, son!

Finally, gotta love that chapter cover. BURN HATERS! This is their story! (二人) Futari is the word used in the Japanese text. Which literally translates to "two people." It can also mean "couple" or "pair" btw. OTP! OTP! HAHAHAHA!

Anywayz, next chapter comes out 11/30. I think that's A-tan's birthday, or somethin. Whatever. See ya next week!

Fanart Corner:Got a little something different for today's fanart corner. These are some quick doodles of bathing Nagi. They were drawn on a whiteboard. Hair down and twin-tails version included. I also really love this expression from her. I actually saw it inside a 4koma included in vol. 49 of the manga.

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Hayate The Combat Butler 550 Transcription (review/synopsis to come later tonight)

Haay guyz! Lordcloudx here. I just thought you might appreciate a quick transcription of ch. 550 coz it's filled with awesome. I'm still mulling over the review. I'll have it up in another post later tonight... perhaps sans this long transcription. As always, keep in  mind that I am a totally unreliable translator.

Chapter Cover "On that day, it all began. Now, on to the final chapter of their story."
What a lovely chapter cover~

Himegami: S'up Ayasaki Hayate? This be our first meetin face to face right?

Hayate: Kono hita wa... Princess God-san

Himegami: Good job on bein Nagi's butler for nearly a year. I've been watchin ya (coz I'm a stalker)

Hayate: This person in front of me was Nagi ojou-tama's previous butler...

Himegami: I was anxious about you being my replacement.

Isumi: Who u?

Isumi: You have Himegami's voice and appearance but again... who the fudge are you?

Himegami: I'm Himegami Aoi, Isumi-san

Himegami: Although you may not believe me.

A-tan: With that said, you'll hand over the stone, amirite?

A-tan: Coz if ya don't, I'mma usin mah powerz!

Himegami: We~ll, this is a problem, ain't it? The odds are bad if it's three against one.

Hayate: W-why? You were ojou-tama's butler, so why are you on Hisui's side?

Hayate: If that stone is taken, ojou-tama will lose everything! (you so effin wrong, Hayate... all she needs is your loove~ and enough money for anime, manga and video games -- which she can supply by herself with a combination of genius, financial skills and luck)

Hisui: Coz I'm more fit to be the Sanzenin heir.

Hisui: Ain't that right, Himegami?

Himegami: Yeah, I suppose that's right.


Isumi: Sowwy, Hisui, can't let ya have dat.

Hayate: I dun understand this situation but right now...

Himegami: Dayyum, young people these days are so hyper.

Himegami: Can't be helped then (puts on TEH MASK ... of illuminati!)

Himegami: First of all, I guess I'll start with the weakest link. (LOL)

A-tan: Hayate!

Isumi: Hayate-sama!

Hayate: Why? Wtf is goin here?

Hayate: Gefu~!

Himegami: Hey, you can't be done with just that. You've served as Nagi's butler, right?

Himegami: Hisui, the stone is right there. Pick it up will ya?

Hisui: WHut?

A-tan: I won't let you (with my UBW)

Himegami: I dodges it

Isumi: I attacks joo!

Himegami: Haha... well, this is tough, isn't it.

Hayate: Uuu... A-tan, Isumi-san...

Hisui: I kickz joo in the face and picks up your stone.

Hisui: This is the 2nd one ain't it? I'll be takin it now, effin butler.

Hayate: Gu...

Hisui: Anywayz, Himegami, if you're having trouble, need a little help?

Himegami: Nani?

Hisui: I mean Yozora's power is here.

Isumi: Eh?

A-tan: Chikara?

Hisui: So don't hold back on me, K?

A-tan: NA

Hayate: NII?

Himegami: Whoops, this is bad eh?

Hisui: Now all of ya try yer best to avoid it, k?

KYAAAA (you remember this scene last chapter, right?)

Himegami: Mataku, you're pretty unreasonable, ain't ya, Hisui?

HIsui: Haha! You're one to talk... but I can't live here anymore can I?

Hisui: Anywayz, I got these (King's Jewels two of em)

Hisui: Now with an explosion of negative emotions, the path will open right?

Himegami: Yeah, but it's gonna be difficult. Mikado failed for ten years.

Hisui: S'fine, the King's return cannot be stopped.

Hisui: Well then, gentlemen... rejoice!

Hisui: Lez go, Himegami...

Himegami: K...

Hayate: Holds on to Himegami's pants

Hayate: WAIT... I ain't done...

Himegami: Too bad, Ayasaki Hayate. This is the result of yo weakness. You are weak, so Nagi loses.

Hayate: (eyes widen)

Himegami: Be glad that you were my replacement for a year.

Hayate: Uwaaa (is all mad and is about to punch Himegami)

Himegami: Good night, Hayate

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 549: Final Chapter: What A Wonderful World (1) Astrogation

Sleeping Cutie
 Synopsis: We beginz the chapter with mai waifu asleep in her room.

Suddenly, she awakens

Hayate greets her good morning and asks her if she's awake and wazzup

Nagi: No, No right now... well, ya know what? what was it again?

Nagi: What was this important dream I had just now.

Hayate: Dream?

Hayate: Ya wouldn't have those kinds of dreams if you'd wake up earlier. It's already late ya know.

Nagi: This is not something to be taken lightly. Last night...

Hayate: What happened last night?

Nagi: In this game...

Hayate: Mou, you'll never grow up to be a fine adult this way.

Nagi: STFU!

Nagi: How can I wake up refreshed in the morning if you greet me with that kind of talk? Anywayz, Bring it on!

Hayate: A nice morning greeting?

Nagi: Yeah, it's a butler's duty to do so!

Hayate: Fine, I guess it can't be helped.

Hayate: Well then, here comes the world's best coffee...

Nagi: (hits the effin butler with a pillow)

Nagi: Screw your coffee. You don't get it! (Do it one piece style or somethin)

They talk a bit about the wake-up pattern and stuff like that. Nagi's all agitated.

Nagi: Ya gotta get me excited to wake up!

Hayate: You're excited enough aren't you?

Hayate: Fine, I'll show you an exciting wake-up call.

Hayate: Ojou-sama...

Nagi: Eh?

Ya gotta wake her up properly, you effin butler!

Hayate: (kisses Nagi on the cheek)

Hayate: Are you awake now (Hayate winning smile)

Nagi: Ah... un... ano...

Maria: Wtf are you doin in the morning?

Hayate: Uwaaaa!!!

Nagi: Maria!

Nagi: You've got it wrong! This is all Hayate's doing?

Hayate: eeh?

Maria: yeah, yeah, I get it.

Maria: Anywayz, could ya help me with the dinner, Hayate?

Hayate: Understood.

Well... I couldn't have done it better myself. Good job, butler boy.

Hayate: Well then, laterz ojou-sama

Nagi: S-sure

Maria: Seriously...

Maria: Nagi's quite a handful in the morning, isn't she?

Hayate: Haha sou desu ne?

Maria: Hayate, you're Nagi's butler too so be careful ok?

Hayate: Yes, I will...

Hayate: !?


Hayate: That's ojou-sama's previous butlah!

Athena: Himegami!

Hayate: Right now... what's goin on?

Isumi: Hayate samaaaa

If this goes on everything...


Himegami: Too bad, Ayasaki Hayate

Maria: Hayate kun? Wazzup?

Hayate: Right now... I was having a weird daydreeam or flashback

Maria: In that case, me too.

Maria: I somehow managed to quit being a maid.

Hayate: Eh? Maria san stop being a maid... haha masaka...

Maria: That's impossible, right?

I thought it would never end.

Hayate: Right?

Maria: Yup

However, there is an end to everything.

Nagi: Oi, Hayate Hayate!

An end to everything will come.

Nagi: Oi, Hayate

Hayate: What is it, ojou-sama?

Final Chapter: What A Wonderful World (1) Astrogation

Himegami: Too bad, ain't it, Ayasaki Hayate. This is the result of your weakness.

Review: Man, I was excited for this chapter when I saw the early spoilers through certain channels... but I did expect it to be a dream sequence. The awesome part is that this time, it's not Nagi's dream. We're looking at Hayate's subconscious here.

Now one of the implications is that he wants the happy life he has with Nagi and Maria to last forever... well, that's all well and good.

What I'm excited about however is that he kissed Nagi on the cheek in this dream sequence. Certainly, it's not really all that romantic and it was more in keeping with his role as a butler. HOOOWEVER, remember that this manga is all about implications. Just think about it this way: would he have casually kissed any other girl? Perhaps... but then again, Nagi has always been special to him (in a non-romantic way if you must) right? Again, it wasn't really romantic... but it's not all that unromantic, either. Hope blossoms!

Anywayz, it seems Himegami is really strong if he took out Hayate that easily. He's so bad-ass that he ko'd Hayate off-panel. BUT I'mma gonna want to see  a Hayate vs Himegami round 2 now. This time, Hayate must have proper motivation... like seeing Nagi in danger. Then old Himegami will see what the effin butler can really do.

Finally, here's some food for thought for ya: Hayate's purest and strongest feelings only come out when it comes to Nagi. Sure, he's never shown romantic love for her just yet, but you cannot deny that his strongest feelings are definitely with her/for her sake.

Hayate's still got it wrong, though. He's not thinking of either Nagi or Maria's feelings here. He's subconsciously imposing his own ideal version of them inside of his head. I hope it all comes back to bite him in the end.

THAT IS ALL. See ya next week!
Oh, I don't believe for one moment that this is really the final chapter or even a part of it.

Fanart Corner:
Ok, here's a little poem along with chibi angel Nagi.

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 548: Creation From Light -- Review and Synopsis

Synopsis:  Hisui: At last, you're kneeling before me.

Hisui: Now to take teh stone~

Hayate: Why is it amidst all this destruction this kid

Hayate: Still wants to win this fight. She just won't stop.

Hisui: Here I come~

Hayate: Awww c'mon, lez stop fighting (time for you to join my harem)

Hisui: Isn't this what you wished for?

Yozora: Yes~ s'awright. Wait a sec, I'm a bit busy right now.

Isumi: Are wa?

Athena: Who ya gonna call? (ghost busters)

Yozora: Yeah, yeah, guess it can't be helped.

Yozora: Anywayz, my role ends here. I leave the rest to you.

Person on Denwa: Gotcha, be there in 2 minutes~

Athena: Where ya goin?

Hayate and his desperate fighting style.

Yozora: Who knows? :D Now, let's settle this shall we?

Hisui: Afraid to take me on bare-handed? You effin butler!?

Effin Butler: I'll do anything to win!

Hisui: Then I'll slice ya to pieces~

Effin Butler: I gotz teh timing~

Hisui: Effin let me go, Yozora!

Yozora: Hisui, you can't beat Ayasaki Hayate right now.

Hisui: Nani?

Effin Butler: Are wa?

Hisui: Lemme go! We need that thing.

Yozora: Ya need to understand...

Yozora: Hisui, this is my last present.

Yozora: Use this and become the king.

Yozora: It was an honor to have met you.

Sorry, but I feel nothing for you. You look cute here though.

Hisui: :( Yozora...?

Effin Butler: Nani?

Effin Butler: Are wa-----

Effin Butler: Blargh~

Hisui: Thanks for that...

Hisui: Now then, with this I shall be Ki--

Athena: With this, you gonna give up, right?

Isumi: Sorry but, this is the end of the line, right?

Hisui: I see...

Hisui: It's a shame but...

Hisui: We're out of time~

Isumi: Eh?

Athena: Nani?

Denwa Man: Sorry, I'm a bit later than 2 minutes.

Hisui: S'awight. I got this.

Hayate: Dare!?

Isumi: Are wa... (shaky shaky)

Hisui: Sorry for the late intro.

Hisui: Meet mah butler (who is more bad-ass than Hayate who can't beat a little girl)

Hisui: Himegami~

So many developments this chapter... most of them stuff that I dun really care about. We have the big fat reveal that Yozora did indeed call Himegami -- well, we all knew this, right? Also, he is apparently Hisui's butler.

Also, Yozora suddenly decided to disappear into thin air -- apparently forever... bye, Yozora-chan, we hardly knew you. Really, her goodbye had zero impact because all we ever knew is that she's a manipulative character. In this chapter though, we're shown that she seems to genuinely care for Hisui.

Ok, so we're also shown that Athena can indeed use her unlimited blade works magic even without Midas' influence.

Never cross a servant-level magus,

Oh, and Skeleton Midas suddenly pounced on Hayate from out of nowhere... dunno what that was all about.

Anyway, I didn't really think much of this chapter because as usual, the main characters are just being played like tools by the villains. Still, Hisui is just as awesome as ever. It's good that we're shown a moment of weakness to her in this chapter. I'm sure Hayate almost had her and would have won the fight if Yozora hadn't intervened. With that said, we can definitely count on Hisui being better prepared next time.

Ok, here's the thing. Hisui managed to pick up one of Hayate's stones. Seems she wants to become the king or somethin... dunno wazzup with that.

K, that's that. Not much to review here. Also, dun forget to support Hata and buy the manga. Vol. 49 is out.

Himegami: Damn, I'm bad-ass!

Also, it was Hata's birthday yesterday. I just tweeted some birthday art and senpai noticed me~

Awright, that's it for now. Hata's takin a 2-3 week break. See ya then~

Fanart Corner:
The first one is a Nagi meme and goes with anything. Feel free to use it. Anywayz, here ya go~

Hata's drawing not mine. I just traced it and added the colors... and finished her hair lines


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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 547: Hayate vs Hisui!! The Must See Last Battle! - Review and Synopsis

Synopsis: Greetings! Early spoilers from lordcloudx fail translations at your service.

Hayate: As expected, this kid doesn't hesitate... this person...

Hisui: shyaaaa 0_0!

Hayate: Shit...

Hayate looks all cool here... just before he gets beat up

Hayate: This is really dangerous ain't it? These blades?

Hisui: So what? This is a life and death struggle, isn't it?

Hisui: You've gotta be prepared to put your life on the line if you stand against me.

Hayate: Kaa! (lol! good job, hi-chan)

Hayate: You've gotta be kidding me. How is this kid moving like this?

Hayate: b-but if you kill me then you'll never know where I hid the stone, right?

Hisui: My friggin huge snake eyeballs can see that you hid it in your right pocket.

Hayate: Na-nande!?

Hisui: You dun get, do ya?

Hayate: w-what?

Hisui: I knew everything from the start.

Hayate: F-from the start?

Hisui: All your efforts were for nothing. I knew from the start. I knew from the start.

Hisui: I can see everything from the start.

Hayate: This kid is friggin stro...

Hisui: Now, now... pass me dat stone.

Hayate: NEVAH!!!

Housen: Ah, Hisui Hisui... as expected, you're really the best eh?

Housen: fascinating ain't it?

Housen: Seems it'll take a while, so time to take out the trash eh?

Housen: Well then, by your leave.

Athena: Go easy on me huh?

Housen: Dozo

Voice: Well then, good

Isumi: Nice,  a direct hit.

Isumi: Ya ok?

Athena: Yeah

Isumi: Oh, and here's machina's dirty clothes

Athena: OMFG NO THX!

Athena: Also, over there.

Housen: Now I'm mad.

Housen: That was quite a surprise attack, Saginomiya Isumi

Isumi: I am honored by your kind words, princess... now then... please turn back to gold, King Midas' Daughter.

Hayate: wtf was that?

Hisui: Hahaha! This has really turned into the last battle!

Hayate: Stop saying that! We need to get out of here!

Hayate: Aren't you afraid of anything?

Hisui: If you're afraid of such a thing, then you'll never be like the king.

Hayate: The king?

Hisui: Yes, someone as empty as you could never appreciate it.

Where did he pick up another sword from anyway?

Hisui: Someone with no desires who lives as wrongly as you!

Hisui: Wishes make people stronger! Hopes shape the future!

Hisui: This power is the shape of my wish!

Hisui: So know this... I am the chosen one!

Hayate: In this situation, the fight won't stop.

Hayate: If that's the case...

Hayate: This is game over, isn't it?

Hisui: That hurts... this thing is not what a king fears

Athena: Fudge... you're not gonna hold back, are you?

Athena: If this keeps up, the mansion will really collapse

Isumi: You're pretty strong, huh?

Housen: Nah, not really

HOusen: However, Tennousu Athena is recovering quickly. At this rate, our lose is inevitable. Also wtf is... (looks at Hisui)

Good job, Hi-chan!

Housen: She can't beat Hayate Ayasaki.

Housen: If we can't beat him, we can't get the stone. Then... I have no choice

Housen: Hello, this is Housen.

Review: Gotta be honest, I was cheering for Hisui all the way during this chapter -- and she certainly delivered. I like how she beat Hayate up both physically and emotionally. It seems the emotional blow didn't quite get to him yet, but I'm sure he'll start thinking about what she said pretty soon.

Isumi: Can I have my revenge match now?

I'm also glad to see that Hisui is super competent in combat -- which would explain her bravado in the previous chapter. Unfortunately, as Housen pointed out, she can only fight Hayate to a standstill. It seems she can't beat him. Housen herself admits to being at a disadvantage against Isumi and a quickly recovering Athena... because somehow, Isumi will win... lol!

Anyway, Isumi casually confirmed that Housen is indeed Midas' daughter. I'm sure Hata will explain that away at some point.

While it was nice to see Isumi finally get her revenge match, the highlight of this chapter was really Hisui (again) being effin crazy and actually talking more sense than Hayate -- who was once again his passive, wishy-washy self this entire chapter. Gotta tell ya (again), I enjoyed watching Hisui beat him up and I hope there's more to come.

I have exactly one guess as to who Housen is calling up: Princess God.

Ok, really exciting chapter, but not much to discuss... yet. This is really shaping up to be the final arc alrighty, but there's still a lot left to be resolved. I also feel that both Housen and Hisui will turn out to be not so bad once everything is over.

As a side note, vol. 49 of Hayate is out. Imma buyin it coz mai waifu is in it... even if she's not the cover girl this time. That honor goes to Maria. Go buy eet and support Hata if ya can!

By the way, Doughnut Gunso has mentioned that Hisui is not a "flat character" -- I beg to disagree... her chest is flatter than Nagi'!

Anyway, no break next week so see you then!

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I have one today. It's actually an old sketch that I've finally had time to digitally color recently.

Mai waifu is so tsundere here