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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 517: Saki-San's Tavern Visit Journal -- Review and Synopsis

She kinda looks like Ayumu's brother.

Synopsis: The doujin shop is doing well.

Wataru is grateful gives Saki a bonus and tells her to take a break and spend the money for herself.

She does so, but has no idea what to do with the money. Her bonus amounts to five hundred thousand yen. She saves 300 thousand. She goes to Ginza and is tempted to buy all sorts of items but doesn't. She feels like a real princess with so much money to spend.

She enters a sushi shop and decides to spend some money here like a real Japanese working woman.

She's all conscious about acting like a real adult woman and is doing fine until she mentions something that makes things all awkward while ordering.

Anyway, her Sake arrives and she decides to drown her embarrassment in Sake. She really likes it. Her order also arrives and it's really good.

She feels like a real adult woman now... but then she doesn't know how much everything costs. There's no menu or price tag. Anyway, she decides that it's all good since it's covered by her bonus.

Back with Wataru. It's closing time at the shop. Saki says that she has become an adult... end of chapter.

Review: Hmm... no Nagi no Likey as usual. Anyway, it's a Saki chapter... so let's see... what can I say?

Well, if you were curious about how the doujin shop was doing, it's doing very well. With that aside, it looks like Wataru and Saki have really settled into an almost, but not quite romantic relationship. Wataru cares for Saki while she definitely has feelings for him. It's slightly one-sided and I guess it's a bit of a parallel to Hayate x Nagi... ya know, just like how Wataru confessing to Isumi with "I loved you" is also a parallel to something *hints* :3

Ok... that's all I can say. On to the fanart.

Fanart Corner: Finished coloring this one. I plan to add a background and received several suggestions via social media. Do you have any?
Suggestions so far:

  • Inside a mansion with a hall of mirrors
  • Dance studio
  • Las Vegas
  • Pier where Ikusa was found
Dat lovely loli body~

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Hayate The Combat Butler 516: Nishizawa Ayumu's Daily Life - Synopsis and Review

I've always wondered what's up with Japanese and their kotatsu.
Synopsis: No long synopsis this time. Not necessary. No Nagi no like! Now then, as the chapter title implies, we see Ayumu going through the normal motions of a High School girl's normal life. Anywayz, she wakes up, sees her father reading the newspaper at breakfast, goes to school. She thinks about how everyone is trying their best and stuff.

After school, she chats with Souya for a bit (It's that guy from Hata's lifeguard manga, I think) and realizes that he's aiming for the olympics. She takes a look at everyone else having club activities and doing their best.

Anywayz, back at home, she gets all excited over a LINE message from Hayate-kun... She's so happy that he didn't forget her even though he's so far away. Anyway, Hayate just asks her if she prefers sand or toilet paper as a souvenir from the Hakuo orientation.

She chooses the toilet paper.

Review: Well, this filler chapter to start off the New Year was pretty much expected. Pretty tame stuff. The gag at the last part was kinda funny though. So uh... not much I can say about this chapter. At the very least, we're once again reminded how Hata makes use of every single event that happens within this manga. Remember that Nagi and Hayate were going souvenir shopping just a few chapters ago before the Grand Canyon phase and Hayate did say that he'd go with sand or toilet paper -- he actually went through with it based on this chapter.

Hmm... well, we get to see a little bit more about Ayumu's character and how she's a really good-natured girl who is easily satisfied -- and perhaps that is her biggest weakness in the harem wars. She's far too nice and easy to please -- then again, you never really know which way this manga will swing, so don't count the hamster out just yet.

Anywayz, I'm just glad to see a new chapter out for this series. Can't let it just suddenly die off.

Fanart Corner: Got quite a few to show you guys. Some of them are older but rehashed and some are new. Check them out. The first one is still unfinished.

Had this printed out as a tarp and I'm using it as my window curtains right now.

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New Year Fanart: Hayate x Nagi

Recently, I conducted a poll on facebook to help me determine who  I would be drawing for my New Year Fanart piece. Here's a screenshot of said poll.

Needless to say, I am quite pleased that mai waifu won by an overwhelming majority for once.

Anywayz, the fanart I eventually conceptualized was based partially on recent events in the manga as well as my speculations for the over-all direction the story is taking/will be taking in the near future. Don't worry, I'll try to keep my shipping talk to a minimum while explaining... maybe.

The final chapter (515) for 2015 really struck me as a turning point in the manga -- especially concerning Hayate, Nagi and Maria's relationship. Now both Hayate and Maria have witnessed Nagi doing something amazing without their help and with her own wits and natural talents.

More importantly, Hayate is now beginning to doubt just how much Nagi really needs him. He's not completely wrong if he thinks that Nagi doesn't need him anymore -- but only as her butler. Remember that Nagi thinks of "the bond" between Hayate and herself as a strong source of support. There can be no doubt that she is deeply in love with her butler and really, the emotional drama concerning their relationship has always been centered around her-- that is, until the end of chapter 515. Now we can see that they are both insecure about their relationship (not romantic, mind you) and it's a good thing, IMO. It's time for Hayate to finally address just who Nagi is to him; especially if he insists on being her butler even without any debt to her.

Nagi's Heartbreak WILL Happen

"There is a bomb between them" has been a catch-phrase for their relationship since the beginning of the manga and thus, it's definitely inevitable that Nagi's heart will be broken and Hayate will be the cause of this; this isn't all bad news however since it will finally set the stage for Hayate to realize Nagi's true feelings for him -- how he chooses to address these feelings is still up in the air, but I choose to remain optimistic.

Maria Will Feel Insecure As Well

I get the feeling that it's not just Hayate who is starting to feel insecure with Nagi's latest epic victory. Maria has always treated Nagi as her own surrogate daughter of sorts -- even if there is only a 4-year age gap between them. We've seen how Maria showed a tinge of insecurity when Nagi didn't come crying to her when she was on the verge of giving up on the manga contest against Ruka. Now that Nagi has shown that she can even surpass Maria's apparent invincibility in games, I'm pretty sure that Maria will be shaken up by this development.

It's About Damn Time

I've personally always known that Nagi was capable of doing what she did in chapter 515. It's always been in her personality and her ability to do so -- it's just that Hata has never given her any chance to prove herself. So while some people might see the previous chapter as an abrupt development, I personally feel that it's about damn time.

Two Possibilities About The Future of Hayate and Nagi 

There are two possibilities that I can see coming up very soon in the future of Hayate and Nagi. Now we all know that Hisui Hatsushiba and her King's Jewels business will require Hayate to be still functioning as Nagi's personal knight of sorts because let's face it, Nagi won't just suddenly develop the ability to physically defend herself from harm -- as smart, insightful, CUTE, BEAUTIFUL, and lucky as she might be. Thus, I believe there are two possibilities as to the future of her relationship with Hayate.

1. Their relationship gap is finally resolved early and thus, this leaves the both of them without any emotional burden left as we go into the final Royal Garden war with Hisui Hatsushiba and possibly some new characters in what could be the final arc of the series.

2. Their relationship gap is partially resolved but still left slightly hanging as Hayate makes it uncertain once again as to who he'll be choosing as his "final girl." This leaves room for denouement as their relationship is further developed during the course of the Holy Grail War Royal Garden War.

With that said, here is the fanart. I've used some lyrics from Ko No Me Kaze and text from recently uttered lines by both characters in the manga. I won't explain things too much. Anywayz, this is lordcloudx with one final blog post before the end of 2015.

Have a happy new year, everyone! Welcome 2016!

Year-End Travel: Our Overnight Road Trip to Roxas City

Finally found time to make this entry. I know some of you enjoy my travel posts, so here’s a new one. My mother and I went on an overnight trip to Roxas City on the 28th-29th.  Roxas City is about 160-180 kilometers away from Iloilo City via car. It’s on the same island (known as Panay) as my city of Iloilo, but since we never really had any reason to go there, I personally haven’t been there for a decade.

Nagi goes everywhere with me~
Anyway, we booked a room in Urban Manor Hotel online in advance because it was near the city’s big mall. We were just driving there to have a look around the city – and since it’s less-developed and quite a bit smaller than Iloilo City (which is also quite small, by the way), an overnight trip would be sufficient to just see what the place looks like nowadays.

We planned pretty well for this trip, but as you are probably well-aware of, nothing really ever goes as planned. Still, while there were a few hitches along the way, the trip was over-all, quite enjoyable.

In preparation for the long drive, we bought several packed sandwiches from 7-11, good to eat until the 30th, 2 riter-sport candy bars, a 1l can of pik-nik and about 12 bottles of water which had been frozen overnight. We stuffed our provisions into a styrofoam ice-chest to keep them cold.
Our ice chest... which served as our makeshift fridge for the trip
I also charged my cellphone to full as well as my power bank because we’d need about 2 hours or more of continuous GPS guidance during the drive there. We weren’t very familiar with the road.

The trip began in earnest at about 8:30 AM. We took the new circumferential road that cuts through a good portion of Panay island. It was during this time that we learned that the GPS signal cuts off every few minutes – fortunately, it did turn back on when we were approaching a waypoint.

I set the GPS to take us straight to Urban Manor Hotel and while there was around a 20-minute delay because there was a routine checkpoint near the edge of Roxas City, we still arrived relatively early at around 10:46 AM.

We were delighted to discover that the hotel was just at the corner of the main highway and that it was actually just around 3 blocks away from Robinson’s Place Roxas – a brand-new mall, that, while smaller than our own Robinson’s Place Iloilo on paper, did look quite impressive.

My mother actually knew the manager of the hotel. (being an English teacher for over 20 years yields you many connections)  A “Ma’am Lovelia” who was also my sister’s former teacher. After a brief chat, we settled down into our room and it was quite nice. The wifi was adequate and the room itself seemed freshly renovated. The only thing that was missing was a mini-fridge, but we did have the ice-chest for that. The frozen bottles of water inside actually served to cool down anything else that we placed inside.
Inside our hotel room
Anyway, after showering from the long trip and unpacking our stuff, we set out to go to San Antonio Resort for lunch, which was a few kilometers away from our location. We asked for some directions from the hotel but mostly relied on the GPS. After some fumbling around, we finally found the resort. We chose a restaurant located inside the resort which was overlooking the beach.

The food was reasonable, but not really all that special – not that I was all that hungry after I’d downed at least two 7-11 sandwiches and some Pik-Nik shoestring potatoes during the long drive to Roxas. Also, my mother was pissed off that they didn't include the %12 EVAT exemption when computing her 20% senior citizen's discount. Here's the receipt as evidence.

We took some pictures and then took a short walk along the beach with our shoes/sandals off. There were several jellyfish-like things washed up along the shore. My mother warned me that they might sting, but we saw a local picking them up with his bare hands. He said that these were “burol” and that they don’t sting. They can also be sold as edible food and apparently go well together with fish… not that I’m all that interested. I hate seafood.
A local holding some "burol"
After our post-lunch beach walk, we took a little tour around the San Antonio Resort. My impression of it is that it’s a nice resort, but nothing that I haven’t seen in other beach resorts just a stone’s throw away from our house back in Iloilo.

Back to our car, we drove past a mall called “Gaisano” on the way to San Antonio Resort, so we decided to make a stop there. I think my mother regrets doing that based on her facial expression in this pic.

Clearly unimpressed
The mall was relatively small, but that’s ok. What is bad is that it was extremely crowded and dirty inside because it wasn’t very well-maintained. The floors were dirty, some escalators weren’t functioning, and some were functioning, but they roped off the right side of the handrail. Also, the air-conditioning was virtually non-existent. It was quite a let-down because the mall looked nice from the outside. Anyway, “don’t judge a book by its cover” finds much application here.
Only in the Philippines
 We left in a hurry and drove all the way to Robinson’s Place Roxas. While driving, I noticed that there were very few cars around us. It seems the main mode of public transport here was through tricycles – motorcycles with a sidecar that can fit up to four people max… but it’s not rare to see a tricycle driver attempt to squeeze in up to 12 people on his tricycle. It’s common practice no matter where you are in the Philippines. Also, the drivers here are much more considerate and I didn’t see any instance of the constant lane-switching and swerving that I’m accustomed to every single time I’m behind the wheel in Iloilo City. 

We might be miles more progressive than Roxas, but our drivers could take a lesson in civility from them. There was this one tricycle who wanted to enter the intersection but had to cut into my lane to do so, but instead of taking the lane right away, he actually signaled and then waited for me to acknowledge that I would let him pass through instead of just zooming straight into my path.
The impressive "Robinson's Place Roxas"
Now Robinson’s Place was light years better than Gaisano. The mall was divided into two floors and had ample parking space. There were several retail shops scattered all around and lots of floor space for visitors so that you don’t feel all cramped up inside. I noticed two stores that we don’t seem to have any retail outlets for in Iloilo just yet, “Res To Run” and “Petrol.”  They also had a bigger “Tokyo Joe’s” restaurant than what we have back at Robinson’s Iloilo. Furthermore, the mall was nice and clean and had working air-conditioning. The experience was like night and day when compared to Gaisano.

Anyway, we weren’t really planning on buying anything inside, so we just took a walk around to see what the mall had to offer and then decided to drive back to our hotel.

We arrived back at the hotel at around 4:40 PM. After showering, we both fell asleep. I suppose the road trip was a bit taxing on the body. I woke up at around  8:00 PM and my mother woke up at 9:00 PM. We had planned to drive to a particular restaurant recommended by the locals there, but my mother is a bit scared to go on a drive at night, so we just decided to have dinner inside the hotel’s restaurant.
Inside Urban Manor Hotel's Restaurant
Fortunately, that wasn’t a bad decision at all. We were the last two customers inside, but the food was excellent! About on par with any of the top-class restaurants from Iloilo, Cebu, Bacolod or Manila, in my own opinion. The servings were pretty large, so we shared a plate of Ox Tongue, some soup and 2 cups of garlic rice.
Excellent Food with Generous Servings
After dinner, it seems that Roxas City still doesn’t have any real “night life,” so we just went outside the hotel and had a chat with the guards and the hotel employees. They taught us a shortcut that would apparently cut off hours from our trip back to Iloilo City on the next day. I snapped a few pictures of this poster advertising a guided tour of the Gigantes Islands -- which I blogged about earlier this year. I had a good chuckle about this.  
Heed My Advice: Don't Go There!
After that, it was time for some sleep after the long day.

Early next morning, we had to prepare to drive back to Iloilo. Fortunately, it wasn’t much of a hassle since we’d brought the car along – so much more convenient than relying on public transport. 

We were surprised to receive a call from the hotel lobby to claim our breakfast before 10 AM. Our reservation didn’t include a complimentary breakfast for two. The front desk operator informed us that it was a favor from Ms. Lovelia.

Breakfast was very nice… since it did come from the same restaurant the night before, after all. I had Vienna sausages with egg and my mother choose the bacon and egg set.  We both chose pineapple juice for our drinks.

Anyway, after breakfast, it was time to drive back home. We took the shortcut that they’d recommended and saw a place called “Christmas Village” along the way. It probably would have been nice to see it all lit up at night – but, those are the breaks.

The drive back home became unnecessarily long because of the shortcut we took. The GPS cut off at an inopportune moment and we found ourselves already 9-10 kilometers along the way to Kalibo, which was even further away from Iloilo City than Roxas.  We asked one of the locals along the road for some directions and got back on track – but we had quite a few miles of uneven, winding roads to traverse before we found ourselves back on the main highway. We started the trip at 9:00 AM, but arrived back at Iloilo at 2:00 PM – that’s a lot of time lost considering that it was supposed to be just a 2-hour drive. Anyway, that concludes our overnight trip to Roxas City.

It's worth noting that Roxas City purports itself to be a "seafood capitol," but that's not gonna do much for someone who hates seafood like me. :)
Final Impressions of Roxas

Polite Drivers

I am very used to the offensive drivers in Iloilo City and I’ve also witnessed the same behavior in Bacolod City as well as in Manila and Cebu, so it was a really pleasant experience for me driving around Roxas – even if we did get lost a few times while trying to find San Antonio Resort. No one honks their horns unnecessarily and the cars drive fast, but don’t cut in line when they’re in front of you. If they do plan to switch lanes, they actually signal first and then cautiously take the lane – that is very surprising for someone like me who is used to the roughhouse, redneck driving style of Iloilo City’s L337 drivers.

Perhaps a part of that has to do with the type of traffic they get in Roxas, with only tricycles for public transport and the occasional jeepney. There were lots of private cars, but they never felt the need to overtake everyone in front of them from what I saw.

A Throwback To Iloilo From The Early 90s

The buildings in Roxas City gave me a very nostalgic feeling. The architectural style and the lack of any big buildings aside from Gaisano City, CityMall, and Robinson’s Place Roxas reminded me of how Iloilo City was back in the early 90s. It was actually a very calming experience driving inside of Roxas.

Would I Live There?

… of course not! There are no retail videogame establishments nor any trace of anything otaku-ish or anime-ish in the city. As the old saying goes, “It’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.” It’s undeniable that Iloilo City is so much more progressive than Roxas City with the massive developments in infrastructure we are currently experiencing – but I will say this: progress isn’t always a good thing. Living in a more progressive city does not make anyone superior nor inferior to someone living in a less progressive city – it’s just a different place in a different setting. After all, like I’ve mentioned before: “People really are the same everywhere.”

In any case, this trip was really quite refreshing for me -- although my mother probably found it a bit stressful since I had her holding my phone and guiding me with the GPS -- and she is a bit xenophobic.

Have a Happy New Year and I hope to see you again in my future travels!

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Doll Nagi's Christmas Present: Merry Christmas 2015!

Doll Nagi gets a present for Christmas too... ta dah! It's a nice new dress.

Nagi: Hmm... the material is a bit cheap, but more importantly! Is it from Hayate?

Me: Nah, it's just from your regular stalker admirer, Nagi... me!

Nagi: Ugh... that's kinda creepy... well, I suppose a gift does embody the feelings of the giver and I can tell that this dress was lovingly chosen. Fine, I'll wear it.

Nagi: Well? How do you like it? W-What? You think I'm cute and beautiful? Stupid! How am I supposed to take that seriously when you say that about me all the time?

Nagi: With that said, this dress does feel a bit chilly.

Me: How about you put on that cardigan I got you last year?

Nagi: I was thinking about using that coat Hayate gave me at Loser Park, but I suppose that cardigan will do as well.

Me: Better?

Nagi: Yup, nice and warm.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Nagi Sanzenin Figure Collection + My Niece's Lalaloopsy Littles Collection

Did a little collaborative video with my niece. It's about time I show off my Nagi figures. I have almost all of them except for one really rare figure of her wearing her iconic season 1 outfit and the Busou Shinki Nagi figure -- as well as the limited edition premium versions of the Jun Planning and Cospa figures.

Anyway, here's the video. Enjoy!

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 515: Okite Hiroki Utsuwamono - Review and Synopsis

Nagi's sword will pierce your heart and gravity cannot be blamed when you fall in love with her.

Synopsis: Nagi: I'll play against Maria, but I have some conditions.

Yukiji: Conditions? If Nagi-chan loses, how about Hayate gets hit 200 times?

Hayate: What kind of condition is that?

Nagi: First of all, I can't guarantee that I can win this.

There's also such things as a fluke or a miss, but most of all, Maria is the strongest at this game.

Also, this will require great concentration. It's impossible to win 100% with 1 shot.

This panel again... it's definitely important.

Yukiji: Yearh, I get that.

Nagi: 2nd, I want all the winnings for myself

Yukiji: Hah? Wait... Whaddaya mean?

Nagi: The winnings will be used to offset everyone's debt, but I want the remainder for myself -- all OF EET! :)

Winning this thing will be difficult. I can't allow myself to be distracted.

We can't win by just hoping for a miracle. That's why if you can't agree with my conditions: I'm out.

After all, the entire 2 billion debt was all your fault, sensei.

Yukiji: I understand... so let's make it 8 is to 2, instead? Of course my share will be 8...

Nagi: She didn't understand a thing.

Yukiji: (starts bargaining with Nagi for a share in the winnings.)

Miki: This teacher is really the worst.

Nagi: Fine, I'll give you a consumption tax share (?)

Yukiji: Great! Then I'll take 78% ok?

Nagi: WTF! Those kinds of taxes would result in an immediate revolution!

Hayate: But can you really win this?

Nagi: Like I said, right now there's a 100% chance of losing.

But after clearing a few conditions, the odds could improve.

Hayate: Conditions?

Nagi: Like Maria falling for it... I hope... but...

Anywayz, time for a little strategy meeting. Sensei, GET OVER HERE!

Maria: Now then, everyone... didja get the gold coin?

So let's begin! The final phase of this school trip! LEVERAGE ROULETTO!!!

Yukiji: Yah, yah... but would you hear me out first?

Maria: Sure thing. WHat is it?

Gaze upon her beautiful visage and be amazed, Hayate!
Yukiji: Maria, you're not looking at the place where you're throwing the ball, are you?

Maria: Oh no, Sensei... the success rate of that is only 80%

Yukiji: Only...

Yukiji: There's no chance of winning with that!

Maria: There's a chance!

It might be a small chance, but it's a bigger chance of winning than the lottery!

Yukiji: That small chance amounts to 2 billion yen...

That's totally cheating. Can't you loosen up those conditions a bit? Otherwise, it's not even a game?

Maria: Eh? Is that so?

Yukiji: Cheater! Cheater!


Nagi: Anyway, this is the condition for winning.

Explains how they might be able win using some kinda loophole in the rules of roulette... that I totally don't get (wait for DKthias' translation lol!) Something like changing positions after the ball is thrown.

Hayate: I get it! (lordcloudx: I don't)

Hina: It's a win-win situation!

Nagi: Nope... don't you believe it.

If we did that, then we'd be leaving it all to luck. Maria can't be beaten with that. We need to do a little bit more...

End of Flashback

Aika: So how about if Maria throws the ball from behind?

Chiharu: Or how about if a different person throws the ball?

Maria: No.. no... (sweatdrop)

Someone: Then, the moment the ball leaves Maria's hand is when we move the coin.

Maria: The moment it leaves my hand? What are they thinking? I can hit the colored tile I'm eyeing 100%. Their strategy must be more complicated than that...


Maria: Ok, fine... but once you touch the coin, you have to bet on the place where you moved it no matter what.

Narration: Something about the black and red tiles.

Yukiji: Oh, and 0 and 00 are forbidden.

Maria: Don't worry, I won't go for such a boring finale.

Maria: (Anyway, I have to choose the right moment.)

IF the coin is touched, it's black. If it's not touched, it's red!

Maria (serious modo) Then, let us begin!

Red or black?

Nagi: (serious modo too) Moves the coin

Maria: Touch! It's black!

Maria: Such a shame. I'mma win this by throwing it in da RED! I win!

Maria: Wait... 14? SHIIIIII!


Nagi: It doesn't matter if we go with black or red at the start. Once we touch the coin, Maria will throw it in red no matter what.

She'll be so focused on her throw that she'll forget to mind the numbers.

Without 0 to 00, there are 36 places in the roulette

With the black tiles gone, there are 18 places left

18 places to aim for but...

Nagi: I break (?)



Nagi isn't completely flat-chested: confirmed.
It really took just one shot!

Maria and everyone: 0_0

Ruri: Eh We won a lot of money thanks to the convoluted rules of leverage roulette!

Nagi: 36 billion nao, MOFO!

Hayate: 36 billion.

The trajectory of the ball was impossible to read. It wasn't just gimmick... it could have been just luck but...

Nagi x Hayate flashback scene tiem

Hayate: After such a thing... does this person... even need me?

Review: OMG! What a way to end the year! Nagi was amazingly awesome this chapter and it's about time that Hayate took notice of it too. I was glad to see Nagi finally getting a chance to show just how amazing she can be using her brains and not just relying on dumb luck.

You lose, Maria!
I think this is the first time that Hayate has seen Nagi do something truly awe-inspiring by herself, without relying on her friends to bail her out and without thing spiraling down into a gag manga situation. Also, this isn't just any win. It's a win against the ever-omnipotent Maria who was definitely going all out to win this game.

I love his reaction here. Now haters will probably be jumping on Hayate's reaction here with the obvious: "this is where he discovers that it's ok for him to leave her and be with his one true love (who apparently can NEVER be Nagi... screw you, haters!) However, I personally think this is a good thing. Hayate now realizes that Nagi doesn't really need him as her butler to support her or to act as a parental figure. He is taking notice of her -- slowly but surely.

This is great, because now Hayate has shown a type of admiration for his mistress and this could be the start of something great. I'm not going any deeper than that, but you cannot deny that Hayate was visibly impressed by Nagi's feats in this chapter. This is a first! As he always treats her as his somewhat incompetent mistress, but now he's seen that she's not as helpless as he thinks. Where that eventually leads to is still up in the air, but I do acknowledge that he'll be thinking that it's ok to leave her now... of course, he would! He still doesn't realize how much she loves him after all.

This is great! It's juicy! It's intriguing! And I'm all for this development. We are still definitely leading towards a moment of heartbreak for Nagi, but given the way things are developing, things can only start looking up after that.

Anyway, no new fanart this week. I've started a pixiv account, by the way. Check me out there:

This is the last chapter for the year, so  have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we'll see each other again when the new chapter arrives. Also, wait for the pro translator/s and don't rely on my synopsis if you want accuracy.