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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 493: I Want To Stay In A Suite Room -- Review and Synopsis

When did Maria ever use this hairstyle?

Synopsis: Hina reaches the goal first. Nagi comes in a little bit later but Tsugumi's gone. Hayate comes in as the last one who qualifies. Hayate says he was worried about Nagi being with Ruri, but Nagi gets angry at him because Ruri helped her after all. 

Anyway, they all get some kind of gift card for the hotel as their prize with different yen values each - as explained by the Men In Black. Hina's is worth 10 million yen, Nagi's is 2 million yen and  Hayate's is a cowcow card with zero value.

They need the cash cards to stay at the hotel, but those who have retired are already there and staying for free. Also, Risa gives Hina a hard time and spends Hina's money for her making her rent out a deluxe suite room.

Anyway, Hayate's card has zero value so Nagi gets a double room made into a twin for the two of them so they can do all sorts of stuff together... like talk about Nagi's encounter with Sister Sonia and Ruri Tsugumi. But first, Risa teases Hayate for having to depend on Nagi like a leech. Nagi overhears Hayate's agitated reaction and she remembers Ruri's words that Hayate might die if he wins this competition.

Later on with Nagi and Hayate inside the hotel room (alone~) Hayate finally reveals that she's not a Hakuo student. Nagi understands and they also wonder why she was already there waiting at the mountain cabin. The cold night ends and for some reason, there's a preview with Hayate stuck in the rainforest for the next chapter.
Nagi looks cute here

Review: LOL! Sorry, I must have glossed over some important stuff or two because my Japanese reading skills drop to zero when I don't see Nagi's face in the panel. Anyway, RHS released their scanlations while I was writing this, so I used their scan of Maria's cover.
Nagi looks cute here too~

Anyway, I liked this chapter. The highlight for this week for me would be the talk between Hayate and Nagi in the hotel room, but before that, there's also Nagi's expression when she overhears Risa and Hayate's little banter... well, I won't read too much into it.
So... what happens after the talking?
What I do like is that Nagi actually went and got a room for the both of them when the reality is that Hayate should be her "enemy" right now if she really wants to win the competition that badly and she could've made things miserable for him without that little show of kindness... even if she is in love with him. Oh that and... them being together in a hotel room totally allows for the situation in this cover to happen. Nagi's even wearing a similar nightgown.
Totally happened in this chapter... totally!
What? What? You say that they just talked? Hah! Remember that they were together the whooole night~ alone~ what do you think happened after the talking? ... Ok, don't run away. I was just kidding... mostly.

Anyway, what I did like is the way Nagi and Hayate confided to each other during the talk. There was no trace of animosity or hostility between them and maybe it's just me, but I can definitely see an implicit understanding and mutual trust between them. Also, I like the fact that Hayate doesn't treat Nagi like a helpless kid anymore when she talks seriously like in this chapter... which is something that I've noticed for a while now ever since the end of Athena's arc. Right now, it seems as if Nagi's looking out for Hayate more than Hayate is looking out for her.

Speculation confirmed~

Speculation Corner: Well, looks like we're in the rainforest for the next chapter, so it looks like one of my speculations that we'll be seeing Hayate and Nagi traveling around the world like Hata said he wanted to draw in one of his older tweets is finally going to happen.

As for who might win this competition, not enough info right now, but I'd be willing to bet on any of the Katsuras as well as Nagi. I wouldn't bet on Hayate at all, but you never know with someone like Hata.

Fanart Corner: Not much new art this week from me, so I'm sharing the current pages of our doujin as well as a little something I threw together.

Here I Am, Here We Are - English Translation by Me

First of all, a heads-up to people who follow my Hayate chapter blogging that I might not be able to put up the review for chapter 493 until next week because I'll be on vacation in a place with limited electricity... apparently. Don't worry, I'm bringing my PSP, NDSL, PS Vita, 2DS, Android Tablet and two power banks. I'm good~.

Anyway, I've read chapter 493 in Japanese, so I might just change my mind and post the review later before the English scanlations are released.

Shoutouts to the people from the FB HayaNagi fans group chat who asked me to translate this song (Elise, Hayate, Lowell, Hayate A. Sanzenin, Nagi S. Ayasaki and Lucas). It's really a long time coming anyway, since this is a really nice song, but no one seems to have bothered to put up an English translation for it.

Take note that I'm a nubbycake when it comes to Japanese, so the lyrics might not be the most accurate (they don't have to be anyway), but I think I got the gist of the song and it should be much better than a machine translation. Anyway, enough rambling, here it is:

Here I Am, Here We Are
Anime: Hayate no Gotoku! Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Translation: lordcloudx

Why is it that I still can't understand? ... Since that day
hesitating and hesitating, I still can't find the answer,
Somewhere, a voice is calling me as I turn around
So I awaken and raise my head to the place where the wind blows

At that time, I'll be there,
On that night, you won't be alone,
Shining and sparkling all around
Wherever we go

I'm glad that I've found
A small miracle in someone's smiling face
After the rain... DRAMATIC,
I was waving and waving my hand on that day
And so, it changes into a new dream

Right here,
Right now, painting the scenery of this day
With this endless MELODY

Why is it... that I still don't understand, but right now
I'm running and running with all my strength just to reach you,
Why is it that my words still can't reach you?
There's no road map on this journey called destiny.

This lonely person's eyes
have become accustomed to giving up
But at that time, our hands meet
And our journey begins

I really love you, I really hate you,
What is this habitual magic that allows me to be strong in front of you?
These daily dramatics...
Experiencing these everyday hints from behind you
The tears are about to burst from my face

I'll be here,
by your side... isn't that a sort of promise?
One that lasts forever

I'm glad that I've found
A small miracle in someone's smiling face
After the rain... DRAMATIC,
I was waving and waving my hand on that day
And so, it changes into a new dream

(Welcome home)
Right now, where can I find your smile?
This endless MELODY

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Shana x Nagi Doujin Project Collaboration

So Lucas Kits and I have decided to collaborate on a little Shana x Nagi doujinshi project. It's going to be a manga wherein the Red-Eyed Flaming Haired Hunter and the Hikkikomori Ojou-Sama cross paths for some reason or other... anyway, we're still kinda working out the details of the story, but I am happy to announce that page 1 is up and I've finished the rough sketch for page 2... although that might still be subject to change.

Anyway, here are the pages for now... and hopefully, Hata doesn't get mad about this. I'll be making progress reports on this project every now and then.


Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 492: It's A Cold Night, So Let's Get Wild -- Review And Synopsis

I kinda like the way she's been drawn here.
Synopsis: Tsugumi and Nagi are on the snowmobile and they're almost at the finish line. Nagi asks Tsugumi why she's helping her, she says that "family is important, right?" but before she can finish, their snowmobile falls over coz.... it's Sister Sonia Shaflnarz Nagi recognizes her and then asks her why she's here. Well... she says that the reason doesn't matter but she's doing it with her life on the line and then attacks Nagi from out of nowhere, but before she can reach her, Tsugumi totally kicks her in the head coz she knows da martial arts. Anyway, Tsugumi declares that she'll protect her onee-san/big sister. Sonya says... fine... and then activates a trap that sets off a bomb, which causes the ground that Nagi and Tsugumi were standing on to collapse.

We go back to the prison hotel where the Hakuo baka-trio are talking. Izumi is thinking of giving up but then Risa feeds her and Miki a sob story from out of nowhere and almost convinces them not to retire, but Izumi points out how long the trip lasts and Risa immediately presses her completer.

All Nagi... all the time!

We then see a flashback with Aika and her butler, which undoubtedly become relevant in the future... but I don't care exactly how.

Back to Nagi... we're now at the point where she's on her face and then cursing some woman. She walks around a bit and it's really cold. She wonders where Tsugumi could have gone off to and thinks about how she saved her... of course, she might really die from the cold. She calls out to Hayate a few times but then decides that he won't come to help her since he's still up in that mountain cabin.

Nagi's expressions are the best!

She thinks about retiring and pressing her completer, but decides against it because it's all for Hayate! Hah!

Anyway, she walks around a bit more and is reunited with Tsugumi. The chapter ends here with Tsugumi reunited with her onee-san.

Lookit this reject from Tsukihime attacking Nagi.

Review: Loved this chapter! I actually read the Japanese raws in advance so the summary I used is the spoiler that I typed on facebook for the Japanese version... anyway, it's not too far detached from RHS' version.
Hata: THIS! Is what happens to people who try to harm Nagi in my manga! Also, loli pantyshot!

Good stuff here. I personally could have done without that little 1st page recap. Anyway, I like how Tsugumi is currently being portrayed because she seems to be the exact same character from Can't Take My Eyes Off You -- and I liked her there. It also puts aside most people's fears that she might turn violent on Nagi for some reason.

Anyway, I was actually expecting Elle-chan the android to come from out of nowhere to save Nagi, but it was Ruri who came instead. Actually, with Ruri's martial arts skills (we don't know if it's Systema just yet) and Nagi's brains, those two would actually make a formidable team and arguably a good match for Hayate and Hinagiku -- that is, if the plot does go this route, but I'm sure it's not going to be as straightforward as that since Hata does love his unexpected plot twists.
Nagi's going back to her old ways...
So far, what we do know is that Ruri seems to genuinely care for Nagi's safety, so that's good enough for me. We're not sure if she really thinks she's Nagi's little sister or not and what her ulterior motives might be -- but we can also be sure she probably has one and that somebody put her up to this. If it's going to be like Can't Take My Eyes Off You, then it's probably Kananiwa, who does sorta resemble Dolly,  who gave Ruri her motive, but I'm not too sure about that. 
NOT! You might not want to admit it, but she's clearly doing everything for Hayate.

I mean, Kananiwa hasn't shown herself to be "evil" just yet. Even if she is involved with the King's Jewels.
Yup, Tsugumi's a good kid after all.
Anyway, I liked how Nagi was portrayed here. For a while, Nagi haters might have been rejoicing at how she seemed to display "Aesop's Amnesia" and was going back to her old ways of whining for Hayate to help her when she'd actually left him behind herself -- but nope! This is the Nagi 360 elite we're talking about nowadays. As we finally get to her flash forward, we discover that it was Sister Sonia she was cursing and that while she does need to rely on other people physically, her resolve to help Hayate out in her own way is the real thing -- as misplaced as some people might deem it to be.

On the other hand, what has Hayate ever done for her in the 150 chapters, huh? Yeah, we need some reciprocity soon. 

To conclude, I like the way this new arc is developing.

Fanart Corner: Got tons of new fanart this week because of the one week break... one of them NSFW. Also, one for the Hamster since it was her birthday last May 15.


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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 491: Some People Will Traverse A Steel Beam For 20 Million -- Review And Synopsis

Why are you using a cover of the most popular character in your manga, Hata? It should be all Nagi ALL THE TIME!
Synopsis: Hina has passed out from her self-imposed sauna battle with Hayate and does so with a thud. So Hayate goes to the source of the sound and finds a half-naked Hina unconscious on the floor. 

The towel slips off of her as Hayate is trying to help her out so he sees "everything." 

Hina awakens inside the hut in front of the fireplace and discovers that she's wrapped in a towel and completely naked underneath. Hayate greets her and he has a blindfold on. He says that it's to make sure that he didn't see anything.

She thanks him for saving her but can't help asking if he saw anything. Hayate lies through his teeth, of course... but he's a terrible liar, so Hina immediately sees through it.

Anyway, back to the people who didn't attend the orientation, it seems that they've all been locked up in the prison hotel -- which was actually a real prison. The men in black insist that it's not a prison but a hotel, but everyone has been put into a jail cell and dinner is a cold piece of bread.

They are then shown a screen wherein those who have already given up are treated to good food and luxurious accommodations inside a real hotel. They are told that if they can't stand their situation any longer, then all they have to do is press the button on their completers and they'll be taken to the luxurious hotel immediately.

Kayura decides that she's staying.

Back to Hayate and Hina, Hina is curious as to where Nagi has gone and Hayate explains how she went on ahead to win the orientation. Hina correctly deduces that if she left Hayate here, then she doesn't want him to pay off his debt.

Hina then decides to ask Hayate out of the blue just what type of girl he'd like to go out with if he didn't have the debt. She immediately realizes that what she did was like an implied confession, but of course, Hayate is totally oblivious to this and after pondering the question, he answers that it must be a queen or a joou-sama.

Hina thinks that it's abnormal that he'd like someone who'd lord it over him. We then get a panel showing that it was Athena who was in Hayate's mind all along.

Hayate then clarifies that he just likes confident women, which makes Hina think of Nagi with all her baseless confidence. She then remembers how Nagi can't ski so she's confused as to how she even left the place on her own. Hayate says that it was a classmate named Tsugumi Ruri who drove her. 

Hina doesn't know who that is and that she's memorized every single Hakuo Academy student. This makes Hayate realize what a dunce he's been all along.

Review: Okay, let's get it out of the way first: Athena is definitely Hayate's type of girl. If you got this far without even knowing that much... then, which manga have you been reading, son?
Hina's image of Nagi is not that far-off. Of course, she did sort of grow out of this during the comiket arc.
With that said, you should also realize that to Hayate, this was him making small talk and just blurting out the first thing that came to mind after Hina's sudden question. He just confirmed what we already knew all along -- you don't say that you "loved" someone if they're not even your type after all -- and really, it hasn't been all that long since they impliedly (everything is implied in this manga -- get used to it) "broke up," so you can't really expect Hayate's "type" to have changed all that much. I really don't see this as having any long-term implications in the manga. That's as much as I will say on that subject, but feel free to discuss if you have anything to say, of course.

Now on to something else that's been weighing on my mind recently. It seems that I'm in the minority (as always), but I really don't buy that Nagi initially entered the contest so that she could prevent Hayate from paying off his debt. My stand has always been that she wanted to help free him from his debt in her own way ever since she made her resolve to win that contest and because this is probably the last chapter where we'll be dealing with her initial motivations since Ruri has given her a new reason to actually win the level 5 competition for herself this time, I'd like to offer a few counterpoints:

1. If this was the case, then Ruri Tsugumi wouldn't be needed to offer Nagi a new reason to win the contest for herself. Remember that Ruri makes it a point to try and convince Nagi to win the contest for herself. You could say that she never knew what Nagi initially wanted to do, but then we have the fact that after talking to Nagi, Ruri manages to make her take positive action by leaving Hayate behind and trying to win the orientation all by herself.

2. Hinagiku's deduction was that if she left Hayate, then that must mean that she doesn't want him to pay off his debt. You might think that this is proof that Nagi does want to keep him in debt, but try to analyze Hina's "correct" deduction here: The premise is that "if she left Hayate," but before Ruri gave her a new reason to win this contest for herself, it should be noted that she was together with Hayate all this time and that she had no apparent plans of leaving him. Of course, I've also thought of the counter-argument that she needed Hayate to win this contest -- and to that, I'd say that I'm sure she's confident (baseless though it may be) enough in herself to try and win without relying on Hayate, who would no doubt be her greatest enemy in this competition if her main motivation was to prevent him from paying off his debt.

Of course, this point is moot now since Nagi has been given a new reason to win this contest by Ruri Tsugumi, so if you still disagree, then let's just agree to disagree. 

Anyway, we're up for a short break next week, but at least it promises to be a Nagi chapter.

Edit: I'd just like to note that Hayate really shouldn't have let Nagi go off with Ruri like that in the first place. I hope something terrible does happen to Nagi and that she comes away from it relatively unharmed on her own (with a little bit of luck, which she has plenty of) and none of Hayate's help. 

A minor question regarding the translation: I'm pretty sure that Hina used the word "abnormal" to describe Hayate's "type" of girl when he said that he wanted a queen. I'm wondering why they didn't keep that in the scanlation.

Fanart Corner: These two pieces of fanart were made by request. One is Nagi in Shana's school uniform from Shakugan no Shana and the other is Nagi in the Maria Sama Ga Miteru school uniform. Honestly, I think short skirts suit her more. I've made use of both of them for the new blog header -- which I believe accurately describes my blog's contents nowadays... it should be all Nagi -- ALL THE TIME! The art style for both pieces were inspired by the PV for Hatsune Miku's Rooter's Song by DECO*27
Nagi! Nagi! Nagi! NAGI!


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Sanzen'in Fascination: Why I Believe Nagi Will End Up Romantically Together With Hayate: A Hayate The Combat Butler Essay


I don’t often talk about Nagi but when I do… WAIT, the premise is a lie and you should know it by now if you’ve been reading this blog often. Not to mention that this is a terribly overused meme. The truth is that I do talk about Nagi and quite often, but it really has been a while since I’ve last written a long article about her. If memory serves me right, the last one was the Athena vs Nagi article and that was written years ago back when the manga was in chapter 413. Now that I feel that we are approaching the home stretch since the manga has finally strayed from the path of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You and relegated it to non-canon, alternate fictional timeline status, I believe that it’s time to do a follow-up article of sorts as to why I believe Hayate should end up with Nagi.
All Roads Point To Nagi

Naturally, this is my personal opinion and I am definitely donning my shipping lens when I make this assertion, but I feel that the natural and logical order of events in the manga as well as the supplementary anime (even Cuties and Can’t Take My Eyes Off You which are effectively non-canon by now) would point to Hayate finally developing feelings for Nagi and thus making her the final ending girl.
My reasoning hasn’t really strayed from the original one I stated years ago. Simply put, all the significant arcs in this manga imply that Nagi is the ending girl. To point out a few, we have Hayate promising to protect Nagi forever in the Shimoda arc, Hayate promising to protect her whether in the past or future in the Radical Dreamers chapter, Hayate being able to undo a magical amnesia spell of sorts and remember her in Heaven Is A Place On Earth when his own grandmother tried to make him forget about her and replace her with Maria, Nagi breaking the stone for his sake and Hayate being said to have “seen the future” with her words in Athena’s arc – not to mention declaring later on that she is his life.

Of course, the more recent Ikusa arc also ended on a positive note with an implied thumbs-up for the Hayate x Nagi pairing. Furthermore, even though Can’t Take My Eyes Off You and Cuties are effectively non-canon, let’s not forget that for the 10th year anniversary ending of OVA vol. C, there’s a fictional wedding between Hayate and Nagi – yes, it’s probably all in Nagi’s head and yes, the events of the OVA might be non-canon altogether, but wouldn’t you think that the author is trying to tell us something if Hayate always ends up together with Nagi in ALL of the anime adaptations? Furthermore, don't forget that several of the series most iconic songs including Can't Take My Eyes Off You by EYELIS, Ko No Me Kaze by Iku and even Heaven Is A Place On Earth by fripSide seem to arguably ship Hayate x Nagi.

It’s Hard To Justify An Ending Girl Other Than Nagi

Hayate is a really wishy-washy excuse for a man, to be honest. He is physically strong and mentally capable, but when it comes to romance, he still hasn’t moved on from the mindset he had as a six year-old about the “pain of love” that Athena taught him. As a result, he actively tries to avoid relationships because he deems himself as unworthy of a girl’s affection unless he has enough money to support her.

When people say that Hayate is a better match for X girl, I never actively disagree with them. It’s true, if you were Hayate for example, you’d probably think that someone like Hinagiku, Maria, Ayumu, Ruka or Athena is a better match because of “insert reason here.”

Well, here’s the thing, no matter what personal, psychological, logical, sentimental or scientific reasoning you can think of, you need to get past one particular hurdle first and that is: Nagi Sanzenin is the co-main character of this series and you would have to justify an ending where she does not end up getting seriously hurt.

What I think many other shippers fail to understand most of the time is that in order to have Hayate end up with your preferred girl, it’s not about applying real world standards, it’s simply about justifying said ending in the context of the story.

If he ends up with Maria for example, the three of them could indeed stay together and act as a family, but given how strong Nagi’s feelings are for Hayate as a man and not as a father figure, do you really think that she would be happy or even satisfied with this setup? Perhaps Hata could play it off for comedic purposes, but the long-term implication will always be that Nagi would end up unhappy. Face it, as much as you want it to happen, she is not going to “grow out of love” with Hayate unless Hata pulls a deus ex machine on us and makes sudden last-minute developments in the manga allowing for such an ending to happen – but if it does, then it would be going against all the developments (AND I’M NOT SAYING ROMANTIC DEVELOPMENTS! So don’t even think about using this statement as leverage against my assertions because that’s plain annoying) in the plot so far that subtly imply a Nagi ending.

Naturally, what applies for Maria applies for all the other girls in Hayate’s harem as well. Nagi just would not be truly happy unless she ends up together with Hayate as his official romantic partner. If you haven’t figured this out yet after reading hundreds and hundreds of chapters of this manga, then we have nothing to discuss… and of course, an ending with Nagi ending up unhappy just wouldn’t work for this series.

Just to make things nice and clear: Can you really imagine an ending with the main heroine having her heart broken and becoming emotionally scarred for life?

B-B-But What About Hayate’s Feelings Here?
Nagi: They don't matter, of course!
What about Hayate, you might ask? You say that he’s been in love with A-tan before/he’s still in love with her? You say that he has feelings for Hinagiku and it would be like a dream come true for him to be with her? You say he was feeling sad to have to let go of Ruka? You say that he’s always had a crush on Maria?

Well… you’re right on all counts, but this is not really a point against the Hayate x Nagi pair. Again, it would be a huge blow against the Nagi ending if we were applying real world standards here, but in the context of the story (and this is my opinion), it actually works in favor of the Hayate x Nagi ending because Hayate hasn’t shown any real feelings of romantic interest towards Nagi… yet.
Hayate: Ojou-sama and me? Well... I don't dislike her?
What we are sure of however is that Nagi is definitely in love with Hayate in a romantic way and with everything that she has been doing so far just to get him to notice her, it would be a terrible ending and a horrible waste of time if he does not at least notice her as a girl at some point. Therefore, the fact that Hayate hasn’t shown any romantic feelings for Nagi yet, but has shown interest in all the other girls in his harem is actually great news for Nagi shippers like myself.

Naturally, you could argue that there are other girls who deserve him more and who have done much more for him. It’s hard to be objective about this point of conflict of course, so I won’t even try to defend Nagi here except that I will say that in my opinion, Nagi stands on a more or less equal footing with whichever girl you think deserves Hayate more.

Finally, as some food for thought on this particular subtopic, I’d like to ask: why are people so quick to assume that just because Hayate hasn’t shown any romantic feelings for Nagi that he wouldn’t be happy if he did become romantically involved with her? Again, the problem here is applying real-life standards to a fictional and rather idealized story. It's really easy to justify Hayate eventually developing or even having already developed feelings for Nagi and just actively suppressing it... of course, if you ship another girl, you'll probably deny this to death, won't you?

Nagi And Hayate Aren’t A Bad Match

Again, this goes back to how many shippers believe that other girls would be a much better match for Hayate. Looking at their respective characters as shown in the manga however, Hayate and Nagi are definitely not a bad match for each other. In fact, you could even say they were made for each other in certain ways. Let’s go over these:
1.   The Age Difference Between Them Is Perfect
Yes, you could say that Nagi is too young for Hayate right now, but look at it this way, Romeo and Juliet, widely considered by many to be an exemplary love story have characters who are the same age as Hayate and Nagi.

Even if you were to apply real world standards, which I won’t, you’ll find that 2.3 to 3 years is the ideal or preferred age gap between dating couples. Again, I’m just using that as an example that they’re not a bad match for each other.

2.   Even Their Names Are Compatible

How about their names? Windless calm and gust of wind seem like they were made for each other for me.

3.   Unlucky Boy Meets Lucky Girl

Finally, let’s not forget that Hayate’s defining characteristic is that he is extremely unlucky. Guess what? Nagi has been stated in the manga before to be extremely lucky. In fact, Hayate himself admits that “she has amazing luck of the draw.”

So Why Hasn’t Hayate Shown Any Interest In Nagi Yet?

Very simply… because Hata wants to keep the other ships afloat for as long as possible – they help to keep his manga profitable, after all. Unlike other series like Zero no Tsukaima wherein the hero and the heroine were basically officially a couple long before the ending, the ships have become so integral to keeping Hayate No Gotoku! Alive and profitable that I believe Hata is very reluctant to have Hayate show any concrete romantic feelings for Nagi before the manga is ready to really end.

This way, he can keep stringing along all the shippers and keep everyone guessing until the very end. He will of course lose some impatient followers this way, but I believe the die-hard shippers (myself from the Nagi ship included) would keep following his manga to the bitter end just to see if they’re proven right or wrong in the end.

Right now, if Hayate were to even show the slightest hint of romantic interest in Nagi, then all other ships would be sunk – and that’s not a good thing for Hata’s manga.

Anyway, no matter what happens I’m in this for the long-run and if you’re a die-hard shipper whether you’re on my team or not, I invite you to see it through with me to the bitter end. Let’s discuss, argue, talk about why our waifus are better than each other’s and then let’s all have a good laugh in the end when Hata trolls us with a totally shocking conclusion. (We can kill him later)

The Title Of The Series In English Is Hayate The Combat Butler

Lastly, lest you all forget, this series is not complete without Nagi as the co-main character. As much as the story is about Hayate, it is also about Nagi. Being the titular "combat butler" means that Hayate is fighting to protect someone -- and that someone happens to be Nagi. In short, her role will always be integral to this series from start to finish -- whether Hayate finally succeeds in paying off his literal and moral debt to her or not. (thanks to Lucas Kits for this point and for the fun discussions from a fellow Nagi shipper.)

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 490: I felt Like Doing It But It Was Meaningless -- Review And Synopsis

Naturally, Hata has to ride the Hestia bandwagon.

Synopsis: While Hayate is away from the cabin, Tsugumi comes in and produces a whiteboard and proceeds to explain to Nagi as to why Hayate will die if he wins the 150 million yen.
Just in case the Nagi service from the previous chapter wasn't enough. Have a little bit more.
According to the half-pint, the first thing that Hayate will do would be to retire as a butler. Nagi hesitantly counters this by proclaiming rather uncertainly that Hayate will stay with her because he has feelings for her. Tsugumi plays along with this and continues her story using Nagi's proclamation as leverage, she says that Hayate would become a NEET if he stays with a rich girl like her and then they'd do nothing but flirt all day. After three months, Hayate would get tired of her and start fleeting from girl to girl and this cycle will continue until he is eventually stabbed to death.

As ridiculous as this story is, Nagi instantly buys it and goes along with Tsugumi's suggestion to win the race herself without Hayate and she's even prepared a change of clothes and a snowmobile for Nagi because if a butler-driven sled is fine, then anything goes to win this race!

When Hayate returns, Nagi has already changed and is all set to win the race and save him from becoming a NEET! -- which she tells him as well. Of course, the clueless butler is as clueless as ever. Anyway, Nagi proceeds on her own with Tsugumi still egging her on. Hayate himself can't go out yet until his clothes are dry.

Some time later, in the next cabin, Hina's enjoying the sauna because she fell into a river as well... while following the signs! Hayate suddenly comes in and shows off his abs to the audience... but it's just a two-pack coz he's super skinny (lol). 
Clearly, the superior genes went to Ikusa.
Anyway, Hina hides on instinct and she turns it into an unofficial sauna competition to see who can last longer inside (innuendo is intentional, mind you). Of course, Hayate, who is completely unaware of her presence for now does have an advantage since she's already been in there for 10 minutes.
Hina service time.
Suddenly, Hayate's completer goes off revealing that people are dropping off the competition one by one.

Review: Well, here's a rather interesting reveal. It seems that Nagi still thinks that Hayate's in love with her or at least has "feelings for her," which wouldn't be too far off the mark, actually. So does this mean that she's still misunderstanding his initial confession? It could very well be, but I think the panel where she says that "he has feelings for me" says something else. This is just speculation on my part, but it appears that Nagi's rather uncertain about Hayate's feelings for her, which is why she stammers before replying to Ruri Tsugumi.
School Days reference?

On that note, this is also probably one of the main reasons why someone as smart as Nagi would fall prey to Tsugumi's obvious manipulative lie. Nagi wants to believe that Hayate has feelings for her and since Tsugumi's story takes her word for it as fact, Nagi's convinced herself that believing in Tsugumi's nonsensical story and acting upon it is the best thing that she can do for Hayate right now. In short, she's super gullible when it comes to Hayate.
Who knows? She might be right!
Anyway, it's an interesting plot twist and it seems that Nagi doesn't have it in her to be directly antagonistic to Hayate at all, which is why she just goes along with Tsugumi's plan and doesn't even think about just telling him to quit or sabotaging his chances in one way or another... of course, Tsugumi could still suggest that at some point. 
You're not even going to go after her? What kind of man are you!
It seems Tsugumi's after something and that it involves Nagi somehow, but not enough has been revealed just yet for me to make any concrete speculations.

Also, either Hata's double-trolled us again by not having Hayate see Hina naked... again, or he's just delayed it for the next chapter.

By the way, did anyone else think that Ruri Tsugumi's story involving Hayate fleeting from one girl to another and eventually getting stabbed was an allusion to School Days? If so, I'd imagine it'd be Nagi doing the final stabbing like so.

As to the actual competition, I'm sure that most of us are in agreement that rather than who actually wins the competition (which might be averted anyway), what is more important right now is what is actually going on behind the scenes including Kananiwa and Tsugumi's respective motivations for their actions.
I have no idea why this is happening and not enough data to speculate about anything... except maybe the Prison Hotel wasn't a hotel.
Anyway, this was an interesting turn of events and I'm hyped for the next chapter. Before that however, I'm set to do a little Nagi-centric essay... which will be posted in this blog real soon.