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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 556: What a Wonderful WOrld 8 -- Forbidden Resistance - Review and Synopsis

Before we begin this transcript I'd like to say HELLO ANIMESUKI! Thanks for the mention, lucas and Astronerdboy. Actually, I'm a lurker, first class.
 Anywayz, let us begin. Some parts may be shady, so as always, wait for DKThias to do the full scanlations if you want quality.

I just want to hug Nagi from behind... and stuff~

Synopsis: Nagi: That is.... :'( that is...
Nagi: Ah... mother!

Yukariko?: nosebleeds

Nagi: 0_0

Nagi: Eh... are you ok!?

Yukariko?: Eh? Yeah, I'm ok, I'm ok. I'm the type of person who vomits blood every three hours or so, that's why.

Nagi: That's definitely NOT OK!

Yukariko?: I'm not fine with the surgery so I decided to escape from the hospital. But I don't know the way home.

Nagi: Rather than that, get back to the effin hospital!

Nagi: Anywayz, I'll guide you so where's your hospital?

Yukariko?: Eh, you'll accompany me?

NOT-Yukariko: I dunno who you are but thanks! ^_^

Nagi: .....

Nagi: No, it's fine...

Nagi: (I was mistaken huh)

Nagi: Don't worry about it.

NOT-Yukariko: Incidentally, I'd be happy if you buy me some latte.

Nagi: .....

Umm... are we sure this isn't really Yukariko?

At the hospital. Room name: Kanzaki

Nagi: As expected, I was wrong.

Kanzaki?: Sorry, you really did end up buying me latte.

Nagi: It's fine. It's not like you forced me to buy it.

Nagi: So, are you fine, with your sickness, I mean.

Kanzaki?: Ah yeah, I'm fine just fine.

Kanzaki?: And... even if I'm not fine, it's not a problem.

Nagi: Eh?

Kanzaki?: No one would worry about me...

Nagi: No one would...

Kanzaki?: Well, I'm a lonely youth. I've got money, so I'm living a carefree life but...

Kanzaki?: Normal things like getting married and having children. You may have a daughter in the future.

Kanzaki?: By the way, what's your name.

Nagi: I see... that person is alone as well...

Nagi: Me too... when Maria is gone.

Nagi: No... I'll have Hayate with me.

Nagi: If Hayate is with me, I'll be ok!

Nagi: I'm home! Hayate, Hayate!!

Nagi: Huh? Where's Hayate?

Maria: Hayate-kun still hasn't come home.

Maria; He seems to be really busy. He'll be staying at Hakuo overnight.

Nagi: I- I see...

Her twin tails sure grew longer

Hayate flashback: (That girl is really in love with you. She's already dreaming of marrying you)

Hayate: After knowing that... it's hard to come home.

Hayate: How can I face ojou-sama again in the future...?

Hina: Ara?

Hina: Hayate, you're at Hakuo on this cloudy night?

Hayate: Ah, HInagiku-san...

Hayate: In order to regain ojou-sama's inheritance, I'm staying at Hakuo overnight.

Hina: I see, you have it rough huh?

Hina: You really do your best for Nagi everyday, don't you?

Hayate: Weeell, it's my job after all.

HIna: Not at all, it's not just your job isn't it?

Hayate: huh?

Hina: Your debt is gone, so this is your affection.

Hina: You really like her, don't you? Nagi?


Hayate: Me... for ojou-sama?

Hina: Yup, It makes me a bit envious...

Hina: Ah, I didn't mean to say I'm jealous!

Hayate: Hinagiku san is jealous... (suki) TL NOTE: Dunno what this means, but it's in quotations... the "suki" part. Suki = love, like etc.

Hina: That's wrong! That's wrong! Don't think about it too much -- PLEASE!

Mikado: It seems Hisui has taken the stone

Hayate: oji-sama!

Mikado: I've heard everything from Athena including about Himegami.

Hina: Himegami is Nagi's former butler, huh?

Hayate: Hai, sou desu

Mikado: Right now, my info network is actively tracking their whereabouts

Mikado: But locating them is pretty hard.

Hayate: We can intercept them here, right?

Mikado: That is... if all goes well.

Mikado: Once they enter the castle, there's no way to chase after them.

Hayate: ......

Hayate: T-That's why, we need to take the stone back from Hisui!

Mikado: What do you mean? You lost so quickly last time. Do you think you can win in a rematch?

Hayate: Even so... even so...

Hayate: For ojou-sama's sake! I'll stake my life on it!

Hina: 0_0

Mikado: :|

Mikado: That's good.... then I'm entrusting you with this stone.

Hayate: This is...

Mikado: Like I said, I'm giving this to you.

Hayate: But for the path ahead even with a billion or 10 billion...

MIkado: You don't get it!

fLashback to santa Mikado and little Hayate: It's the single-minded people who get the last laugh.

Mikado: That jewel is proof, Ayasaki Hayate -- of single-minded dedication. That is the promise between you and Santa.

Hayate son... you'd better keep that promise. I want to see Hisui kick your ass AGAIN though.

Himegami behind Hayate:  I see.. there was still another stone.

To be continued 1/25!

Review: Right, let's get this out of the way first... NO THAT WAS NOT YUKARIKO!

It was just some girl named Kanzaki who happened to look a lot like Yukariko -- clothes and all. Anywayz, Nagi helping her out a bit demonstrated another side of Nagi's developing character: she's not helpless with directions anymore. Remember that she was just as bad as Isumi back in the Shimoda arc. Anyway, this is to be expected given how adept she is with smartphones and she's using an iPhone no less. 

Ok, with that aside, it seems Kanzaki's main purpose was to highlight that Nagi is not as ok with Maria leaving as she pretends to be. In fact, ever since the last chapter, Kayura has noticed that her little act of being all energetic about drawing another new manga seemed shallow. So now Nagi's been given a little something to think about.

With that, we move on to Hayate and Hina's conversation. It's interesting because Hina was indeed thinking of Nagi when Hayate mentioned that he wanted "queen" when asked what type of girl he likes. It seems that she suspects that he does like Nagi. How he likes her and whether she meant it in a romantic way was never mentioned -- therefore, I'm sure you haters really don't want it to be so. In any case, it's a good thing that she said that (whether it's true or not is still up in the air) because it made Hayate stop and think for a moment. In fact, he didn't flat out deny it.

So Mikado moves in and reveals that yeah, he really was that Santa Claus from Hayate's past -- and now a scene that was shown as comedic before actually has a deeper implication in the series -- great job, Hata-sensei.

Well, that concludes my ramblings for this chapter. Do keep reading this biased manga with its deus ex machina-reliant main character whom I love so much until the end people -- it probably won't be long now.

By the way, ORCA TOYS recently teased this pink and white version of the cat Nagi figure. I've preordered my normal blue and white version and will probably receive it by the first week of February... but MAN, this pink outfit suits her even better! I hope they release it as well. Why you so sexy, Nagi?

Baby... hold that pose, I'm in love all over and over and over again~

Fanart Corner: Ok... as promised, here's some new art from me. Also including the colored pencils version of that digital art from last time.

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 555: What A Wonderful World 7: The Wrath of God, in All its Fury -- Synopsis and Review

A Wild Yukariko Appears!

Synopsis: What A Wonderful World 7: The Wrath of God, in All its Fury

The Girl's Last Wish

Date: 10/31

Then... please. (seems to be submitting Nagi's manga)

Chiharu: You've completed it somehow.

Nagi: Yeah

Chiharu: The award is at the end of the year, right?

Nagi: I wonder what's going to happen. I'm not sure.

Nagi: But, I gave it my all.

Chiharu: IKR?

Chiharu: But... aren't you going to stop Maria?

Nagi: Trying to stop her is useless, isn't it? Once she's decided it's hard to change her mind.

Chiharu: Yeah, it can't be helped.

Nagi: However...

Nagi: I'll have Hayate by my side. That's why it's ok

Chiharu:.... um you know...


Redev Guy: I told you there's someone living there. A forced eviction is useless!

Chiharu: It's that guy from before...

Nagi: Some redevelopment manager guy, is it?

Redev Guy: Ah, we meet again. Sorry about that.

Chiharu: Not at all.

Redev Guy: My boss is kinda annoying.

Chiharu: You have it hard, huh?

Redev Guy: Oh, and who is this?

Chiharu: Ah yes, this is the owner.

Redev Guy: Eh, you? You're a pretty small landowner aren't you?

Nagi: .....

Redev Guy: But miss landowner, you're not that interested in this mansion, are you?

Redev Guy: It's a nice mansion isn't it? It's old but tasteful.

Redev Guy: Sorry to beat around the bush but... you're using this mansion, right?

Nagi: It's ok to demolish it.

Chiharu: Eh?

Redev Guy: Eh?

Mai waifu... so lovely, so beautiful!

Nagi: This mansion comes with many fond memories but... even if it's gone... the memories won't disappear with it.

Nagi: The everyday memories of this place... I'll always treasure them in my heart.

Nagi: That's why... even if this place disappears

Redev Guy: Eh, is it really okay? This mansion will be totally remodeled! It won't retain its original form anymore.

Nagi: -_-......

Nagi: Your company wants to use this land, right?

Redev Guy: Well yeah but... It's not like I'm going to be fired if I can't strike a deal.

Nagi: Uwaaa..

Chiharu: This guy's no good at his job.

Redev Guy: Well... if you're really serious I'll have a contract ready soon. If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to oblige.

Redev Guy: Well then, see you again.

Nagi: Is that company guy ok?

Chiharu: Well, he seemed like a nice person anyway but...

Chiharu: Do you really want this mansion demolished?

Nagi: Yeah, I understand. But, this Mansion originally belonged to my mother so I've always intended to return it. If it's my mother's wish, then it's ok, right?

Himegami has a locket of Yukariko

Hisui: SOmething's not right...

Hisui: Looking so fondly at that dead woman's pic... you give me the creeps.

Hisui: That love of yours will never be answered.

Hisui: It's all useless... all that matters right now. Is opening the path, amirite?

Hisui: What do you think would be a good way to open the path? How about that dead woman's memories? Would crying over her be enough to open the path?

Himegami: It's impossible for me. I can't touch the King's Jewel, right?

Isumi:A long time ago, I think I remember seeing a goddess.

Sakuya: Hah?

Isumi: It was the first time I met Nagi's mother, Yukariko-san


Isumi: Mom, who dat?

Isumi's mom: That's mom's most important, Sanzenin Yukariko-san

Isumi: Mom's most important person?

Isumi: I saw a goddess, I think

Sakuya: Well, she is certainly a strange person...

Isumi: What did she wish for, I wonder?

Isumi: Because she wished for something, the royal power is now inside the castle.

Isumi: What did she wish for in exchange for her life?

Nagi: Even in exchange for my life, I shall become a trillion selling mangaka!

Chiharu: WHat kind of dream is that?

Nagi: It's preparation, preparation.

Nagi: Maria will be gone. That's why I need to do my best. I need to show that I'm prepared.

Nagi: Life sure is changing, isn't it?

Chiharu: .....

Nagi: Then I will be starting on other works

Chiharu: Eh?

Nagi: Naturally!

Nagi: Once one battle is done, another begins, so I will be searching for my next subject!

Hina: She's really pumped up, huh?

Ayumu: IKR?

Kayura: I've never seen you so enthusiastic before.

Nagi: I'll be ok... I'll be ok...

Nagi:  Even without Maria, I can manage

Nagi: Hayate is there... That's why it's ok. It's ok

Nagi; Even if maria is gone... (holds King's Jewel)

Nagi: I'll be ok... my mother is...

Nagi: This is a lie... (could also be: you're kidding me)

Next chapter is at 1/18

Review: Let met start off by giving you my reactions as I was reading this chapter.

The moment Nagi mentioned that she was ok with having the Violet Mansion demolished, I thought, "Haha! Nagi's always full of surprises. As expected from mai waifu!"

And then she gave her reason for being ok with it and I was like... "Wow... just... wow just... actually, read my actual comments from some no-name chatbox in some corner of the internet.


Anyway, that was pretty much the high point of this chapter for me.

So that redevelopment company guy -- I have this inkling that he's actually Shun Ayasaki AKA Hayate's dad. Now I know Hayate's parents were made out to be like the worst people in the world -- but remember that "misunderstanding" is a recurring motif in this story. So far, most of what we have seen from Hayate's parents mainly come from Hayate's own perspective -- although there were some moments wherein Athena and Mikado's perspectives were shown. Bottom line is -- can we really be so sure that they're all that bad?

Also, even if they were -- perhaps Hayate's dad is really trying his best to make up for his shortcomings... just maybe. It's a shot in the dark, but his hairstyle seems to fit at least.

Next up, let's talk about Himegami. We'll we've already discussed in the comments from the previous chapter how Himegami might actually be on Nagi's side. It seems we have even more proof since he seems to be harboring feelings for Yukariko.

In any case, Hisui seems to be aware of this, but cares only about opening the path -- she even considers trying to use Himegami to open said path to the Royal Garden.... you so savage, Hi-chan... I like you!

Then back to Nagi again and when she declares that she'll be ok even without Maria because Hayate will be by her side... and that face -- that lovely, cutieful face.... ZOMG! My heart is melting! I could die! Kill me now, Hata!

Hisui's effin savage.

What I'm trying to say is that Nagi has really come a long way. Yes, if you view her initially, it'll seem like she's the same Nagi from the anime, the same Nagi from 300-500 chapters ago or so, but she's really not -- and you'll definitely notice those slight but significant changes in her personality if you've been paying attention to this chapter.

Let's talk about her maturity. Notice how she didn't protest about Maria leaving? She totally understood that Maria has the right to make her own choices and that she can't really change her mind anyway. That is a level of maturity unprecedented from the Nagi of old.

Then let's talk about her silly dream of becoming a trillion selling mangaka. In the older chapters, this was used as a gag -- but in this chapter, it has different context when she says it. It's pretty clear, I think -- that she understands that selling a trillion copies is really a pipe dream -- but at the same time, it's also a dream that fuels her ambitions and will perhaps lead her down the path that she wants to walk in life. She mentions how Maria is leaving, so she should be able to stand on her own -- and again, this is really what it's all about. She's proclaiming her independence and her desire to be independent -- again, amazing maturity from this soon to be 14 year-old. And really, this character development was well-earned. We've seen her grow and mature throughout this series so we know for sure that this wasn't something "out of the blue."

Well, anyway, everything seems to be sailing smoothly. The bomb is all set to go off and it's going to be super painful to watch, but it MUST happen. (mostly for Hayate's sake and his side of the character development cycle, really.)

She's wearing sneakers, apparently.
Also, we have Yukariko appearing in front of Nagi. It's only natural, I'd say. After all, it's her mansion that's being demolished soon. Perhaps she has one last message for her daughter. I dunno how she's appearing before Nagi, but Hata can justify that in any number of ways anyway.

Finally, I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about character development in Hayate. When we think of this term, we mostly expect some sort of positive change in a character that we've come to know throughout the story. It seems that recently, characters like Maria and Hayate have actually worsened as the story progresses. In fact, they're just right now showing their most selfish sides in this final arc -- and that's not very good character development, it seems.

Well... on this notion, I would disagree. In my opinion, character development is character development whether it results in a positive or negative change in a character. I like to believe that we are actually just starting to get to know these more negative aspects of some of these characters that we've become acquainted with throughout the series. They just became apparent now because the status quo is changing. The safety nets to the pseudo-family relationship of the Sanzenin trio have been removed. Any perceived negative changes that might have befallen some of these beloved characters are (perhaps) just the author's way of showing us the more human, less cookie-cutter side of these characters. Perhaps this is a bitter view of human nature, but IMO, personal experience has taught me that reality does tend to work a lot like this. In any case, I do believe that Hayate no Gotoku! is still an idealistic manga at heart and while the relationships that could potentially be ruined in this final arc will never be the same -- perhaps they will become even stronger and more beautiful to watch and experience after all is said and done. In short, let's just say... in Hata, I trust -- and I daresay, if you want to keep enjoying this manga, perhaps you should give our dear author the benefit of the doubt as well.

You WILL get hurt, but don't worry, baby. Everything will be aaaall right!

Well, that concludes my disorganized ramblings. Hit me up in the comments and tell me if you agree/disagree or have something to add. You know I just love meaty discussions.Fanart Corner: So, I've actually got several pieces completed this week, but I guess I'll save the others for next week. For now, here's a completed CG of Nagi! (naturally)

I've been watching a certain series lately (already know what happens at the end of the manga.) Guess which one :)

Gotta say, this outfit suits her better than I expected.

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Happy New Year 2017~!!! Hayate x Nagi fanart

To greet the new year, here is a fanart of Nagi and Hayate together. It's a tribute to Kimi no Na Wa. I chose a nighttime background because Hayate and Nagi met at night after all. The intertwining shooting stars represent their respective character development progress so far -- Hayate has a lot of catching up to do.

Enjoy this manga while you can guys. This is most likely the last year for it. Also, can we stop hating on Nagi -- please? There are still people like me who like her as a character and who want her to be with Hayate after all. If your ship has been sunk, don't wish ill on others.

Anyway, below this post are some more new year's pics. Also, I'll have changed the blog's background by the time I've uploaded this post. Anyway, even if the manga ends this year, I'll still write stuff and draw fanart of Nagi for as long as I am able to.

So to make things a bit interesting, I'd like to learn more about the active readers/commenters on my blog. What got you interested in the manga? (Hayate no Gotoku!, of course) How are you celebrating the new year? Do you buy merchandise of your favorite characters as well? Let's talk! Hope to hear from you in the comments!

Something extra for 2017. This is Nagi's limited edition heat-reveal card from Vol. 48 of the manga. I uncensored it myself. ENJOY!
Nagi wishes you joy and prosperity into 2017~ so stop the hate, please~ 

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 554: What a Wonderful World (6) Paradisus - Paradoxum -- Review and Synopsis

What an extremely fitting chapter cover to end the year~ so beautiful mai waifu!

Synopsis: Chiharu: Mi-Misundestanding? Wtf?

Hayate: I became a butler... truly... I became a butler...

The end of these two's misunderstanding

What a Wonderful World (6) Paradisus - Paradoxum

Chiharu totally gives Hayate what he's been asking for the whole series a huge effin slap on the face

Chiharu: Wha-what is this?

Chiharu: That girl... really loves you, Ayasaki!

Chiharu: It's true love. She's already dreaming about marriage.

Chiharu: In spite of this... in spite of this!

Chiharu: You have no feelings for her!!

Hayate: .....

Chiharu: .....

I-is there nothing?

Hayate: definitely... I was thinking about that kindness

Hayate: On that day, ojou-sama saved me

Hayate: Our relationship didn't matter... it was kindness.

Chiharu: Maybe you misunderstood each other... I don't know.

Hayate: Chiharu san...

Hayate: Please don't tell ojou-sama about this.

Chiharu: Be silent? To keep fooling her?

Chiharu: The truth will come out...

Hayate: Because of Hisui-san!

Hayate: If I can take the Sanzenin Inheritance... after that, I'll tell the truth about everything....

Hayate: I'll quit being a butler...

Chiharu:... (walks away)

Hayate: Chiharu san!

Chiharu: I'm going home alone but... Ayasaki-kun. I'm not sure if you're making the right choice...


Maria: Yes, Ah... Hayate-kun

Hayate: Can we talk for a bit?

Maria: 0_0 .....

Maria: Well? What did you wanna talk about?

Hayate: It's a bit hard to say but... could you not quit being a maid?

Maria: WHy?

Hayate: W-well... it's going to be really lonely isn't it? For ojou-sama too---

Maria: Hayate-kun, when I'm gone, you won't be alone, right?

Maria: On that night of Christmas, Nagi misunderstood that you confessed to her. I know.

Hayate: Maria-san... you knew?

Maria: Of course, there's no way that I would not have noticed the two of you at this point.

Maria: "I can't respond to Nagi's feelings, but also, I can't leave her alone."

Maria: "That's why I will defeat Hisui."

Maria: "I will win the Sanzenin Inheritance for her and then leave."

Maria: "But then ojou-sama will be all alone. That's why I want Maria to stay by her side."

Maria: That's what you're thinking, right?

Hayate: But Maria-san... I...

Nagi: What's going on here?

Hayate: OJOU-SAMA!

Nagi: W-what? What's with that loud voice.

Hayate: S-sorry...

Maria: ...

Nagi: Oh hai guyz. wazzup?

Nagi: Well? What were you talking about?

Hayate: Eh? Well, it's not really anything important.

Hayate: Just talking about tomorrow's meal plans.

Maria: That's not what we were talking about.

Hayate: Eh? Iya... sore...

Hayate: Nah, it's not really anything important.

Maria: Nope, it's really something very important.

Maria: You know, Nagi?

Nagi: Yes

Hayate: Wait, Maria-san!

Maria: I've been thinking about quitting being a maid.

Nagi: Eh.....?

Maria: I've been talking about it with Hayate. You no longer need a substitute mother.

Maria: That's why near your 14th birthday. I'm thinking about quitting.

Good job, Maria!

Chiharu: Well... I can understand Ayasaki-kun's feelings but...


Chiharu: Yes? Who is it for?

Guy: Well, I'm from a neighborhood redevelopment company. I just have a few questions.

Chiharu: Yes?

Guy: This apartment was planned for demolition at any time, wasn't it?

Chiharu: Ha?

Next part goes out 1/11

Review: Awesome chapter, this was! Both Maria and Chiharu really shined. I'm still a bit frustrated that all Hayate could do was show that sad pathetic face of his for the entire chapter... but still, he now has plenty of room for character development.
Also, that slap from Chiharu was brilliant -- he's had it coming for a long time. Yeah, yeah, we all know the misunderstanding is because he's dense, but that is not an excuse to allow things to escalate to this level. He should have known better and reflected on his actions earlier. Nagi gave him all the signs after all -- but nah, he chose to ignore said signs -- even her manga and pretend that all was well and good.

Nagi has delicate ears. Don't you shout at her like that, butler!

In short, Ayasaki was being a coward and now he's being made to face the full consequences of his actions. I like how it was both Chiharu and Maria who did it. Maria wouldn't allow him to take the coward's, convenient way out.

Anyway, the bomb is still looming over the horizon, but more importantly, it's about time for Hayate to seriously start thinking about Nagi now that he really knows for sure about her feelings. That slap from Chiharu was a good wake-up call for him.

He had it coming... even my fanart says so.

Chiharu's character was portrayed really nicely here. Frankly, I never liked her and her high-handed attitude in the mangaka saga, but now she's shown that she's a true friend to Nagi. She knew just how much Nagi loves Hayate so she was actually trembling with anger over what Hayate said about the misunderstanding.

I also loved how Maria kept contradicting Hayate. He needed that -- a lot. Let's see how it goes from here~ see ya soon!

Let's keep in mind that A-tan, the girl who once loved him, noticed something about him while he was talking about Nagi and while he was happily smiling with Nagi. (go read the Golden Week arc again if you doubt me)

Fanart Corner: The amusing thing is that my fanart is pretty similar to Chiharu's slap. New year's fanart still to come. Watch out for it~

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A Party For Two With Nagi~ Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas, everyone! I've prepared a party for two with mai waifu today. I'm still working on that new year's fanart, but I have prepared one fanart in anticipation of certain "bombs" going off.

The song is "White Gift" sung by Hatsune Miku. I have no idea who produced/composed it.

Also, Merry Christmas, Ayasaki... you deserve this~

Gotta thank Doughnut Gunso for inspiring this idea... even more~