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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 465: A Showdown 8 Months (10 Years) in The Making -- Review and Synopsis

Apparently, she's slacking off while waiting for Hayate... that's how much she TRUSTS in him!
Synopsis: Having overcome the cute girl trap (not THAT kind of trap, mind you), Hayate and Radiostar hurry on further down the depths of the Sanzen'in dungeon (not its official name, I'm just calling it that.) 
Radiostar kinda looks like a bishounen here, no?
Both are aware that they are running out of time to find Mikado's King's Jewel and escape the dungeon alive...well, Radiostar's already dead but... aaaanyway, they find themselves inside a majestic looking place and Hayate is greeted by a familiar face, Head Butler Klaus and armed with a sword.

Hayate asks Klaus what he's doing here and Klaus explains that he works there part-time four days a week, pretty much like Konoha. Klaus attacks Hayate from out of nowhere tells Hayate to take the sword. He states that it's been eight months since Hayate became Nagi's butler but Klaus still hasn't fully accepted him, so it's the perfect time for a showdown. 

Hayate takes the sword and tries to think of a sentimental memory involving Klaus but comes up with nothing.
Klaus looks bad-ass and all kinds of awesome here
The two Sanzen'in butlers take their stances and thus begins a duel of epic proportions... or not. Hayate parries Klaus' blade with presumably the same stungun that Konoha used on his watch and zaps the older man into submission without much effort.

With Klaus out of the way, Hayate and Radiostar finally find the King's Jewel inside a glass case. Radiostar wonders how much time they have left and sees what looks like a small pocketwatch and wonders if its time is accurate. The chapter ends here.

Review: Gotta love the play of words on the chapter title. Anyway, this was a rather straightforward chapter, but let's not beat around the bush. The question that is on everyone's minds right now would be: "Is that the Black Camelia/Kurotsubaki shown on the last page of this chapter?" It could be... or it might not be. If it is the Kurotsubaki, then it has definite implications on this manga.

For one, it could do away with all the developments of Can't Take My Eyes Off You (but probably not Heaven Is A Place On Earth) since the Kurotsubaki was supposed to be in Las Vegas as part of Shin Hayek's possessions.

Ladies and gentlemen... it's TIME!
Looking at the clock, it does look similar to the Kurotsubaki, but then again, so does any other pocketwatch. On the other hand, the Kurotsubaki is clearly a transparent pocketwatch, while this one does not seem to be. There's also the month indicator on the Kurotsubaki. Of course, we could just blame that on Hata being too lazy or changes between the anime and manga adaptations. The hands are similarly shaped for both watches as are the Roman Numerals used on the watch face.
Is that really the Kurotsubaki? What do you think?
So anyway, if the Manga starts taking a different direction from Can't Take My Eyes Off You, then it leaves a lot of room for one more big arc until the finale since the whole of September was supposed to be CTMEOY's timeline. It also screws with all the theories regarding the canon status of the supposedly "future anime timelines."

Now this isn't necessarily a bad thing however. Let's face it, as much as I liked the pro-Nagi developments of the future timeline anime, there were tons of plotholes and the entire story itself felt a bit half-baked -- while of course, the finale was still quite satisfying for me. By having the manga take a different direction from the anime, Hata could easily wipe the slate clean, so to speak, and keep the universe of the canon manga free from any of the glaring plot inconsistencies brought about by CTMEOY.

On the other hand, while I'm okay with not having Nagi's CTMEOY confession being part of canon (because it's going to happen even more satisfyingly in the manga anyway), it does feel like Hata is taking the lazy man's way out if he does choose to have the manga take a different direction since that pretty much puts CTMEOY in the realm of a non-canon spin-off -- one written by the author himself.

Therefore, over-all, while I have mixed feelings about this new "development," I don't exactly hate it. On the bright side, it does leave a lot more room for Hata to work in elements of Can't Take My Eyes Off You's story into the manga and make it even better than what we saw in the anime, but we'll have to wait and see if the speculations about the Kurotsubaki are correct in the succeeding chapters of this manga. Don't blink or you might miss it!
Pic because it DID happen
On to other things, while some might say that Hayate using the stungun on Klaus' sword was a cheap shot, don't underestimate what he did. I've personally handled swords and stunguns myself (pic because it did happen)
This is not an easy "cheap shot" to make.
And let me tell you that it's not easy to parry a sword swing with a stungun and have the blade rest accurately between the prongs. You're more likely to get your hand or fingers cut off trying that. In other words, don't belittle Hayate's accomplishment there. Hata might have made it seem like a cheap shot, but it takes a superhuman level of skill to pull that off in real life... well, I just had to point that out.

Speculation Corner: Okay, I'm going to say that the pocket watch that Hayate and Radiostar saw is not the Kurotsubaki but another watch with magical powers that is somehow in Mikado's possession. I dunno why... I just have this gut feeling. 

Fanart Corner: I posted this on twitter and someone immediately got the reference. I tried the same thing on a Facebook Hayate fan page and no one knew where the pose and outfit Nagi's wearing here are from. To YOU, the one reading this blog post, tell me: do you know where I got the outfit and pose from?
Seriously... I thought this allusion would be easy to make out.

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 464: A Story of Needless Breasts -- Review and Synopsis

I see Makise-chan is significant enough to warrant a fanservice cover
Synopsis: The details don't seem all that important in this chapter, so I'mma do this synopsis from memory.

Okay, so our penniless butler is in quite a bit of a dilemma since he doesn't think he can get past the mario-like dungeon with his physical prowess alone, so he has to get the key from one bikini-clad cutie named Makise Konoha who is apparently being paid by Mikado to hide the key from him.

Hayate asks her to confirm that the key really is on her person somewhere and she answers in the affirmative. After some thought, Hayate deduces that the key could only be hiding in her giant breasts (which are not as large as A-tan's according to Hayate, by the way.)

This leaves Hayate with only one choice to get the key - grope her breasts to get them. However, he looks at his digital watch while he's thinking and Makise asks what he's doing. When he says he's checking how much time he has left to escape, she suddenly destroys the watch with a stun gun (which she must have also hidden in those giant breasts... lol!)
Uh... shippers rejoice?
Makise totally guilt-trips Hayate once again and tells him that she needs the money to buy a multi-use pencil case for her kid brother whose birthday is coming up and that if he leaves early, she can still buy some cake for her sick mother. Hayate says that he can't give up, so she asks if he's going to grope her and he starts shipping himself with Nagi in his mind again and suddenly slams the wall with his hand right next to Makise-chan and goes: If I have to, I will grope you for Lady Nagi's sake!
Hayate... stahp!
Of course, Makise guilt-trips him some more, which sort of shakes his resolve. Various thoughts go through his head even as his hands go for the girl's breasts. He then receives some advice in his head from the "Love Master" who tells him that he already knows how to deal with a person with a decent chest. After sifting through the possible candidates, he realizes that "Love Master" was referring to Yukiji Senei whom (if you still remember) Nagi bribed with money.

Following this example, Hayate stays his hand and bribes Makise-chan to part with the key for 30,000 yen.
Apparently, he thinks he can grope Athena at will.

Finally, he emerges from the Secret Bridge Control Room back to Father Radiostar and shows that he got the key using the secret technique that he learned from his master, Lady Nagi... for 128,500 yen. (Where'd he get that money?) because Makise-chan is a pretty good negotiator.

Review: Curse you for foiling my prediction once again, Hata. I'd thought that someone would come to bail him out of this one, who'd have thought that butler-boy would actually resolve this problem on his own, huh?
He WILL grope you for his lady's sake, ok?
Anyway, this chapter was mostly internal conflict involving Hayate and to what lengths he'd go to in order to win back Nagi's inheritance. Apparently, he actually did consider groping an innocent (well, not that innocent since she did voluntarily place herself in that situation no matter how you look at it) girl's breasts for Nagi's sake. Fortunately, even if he did consider it, the fact of the matter is that he actually didn't sink that low for Nagi since he was able to find a less unethical way of resolving this problem on his own -- with some help from the voices in his head.
Don't look so smug when you've probably just made your debt even larger
Over-all, this chapter was filled with suspense -- even though it still retains the light-hearted, humorous nature of this current arc.

Speculation Corner: Man, I haven't been inspired to draw fanart lately... but that'll change by next week since I do have at least two ideas lined up just waiting to be drawn.

Now for the actual prediction: I'm going to say that this will be the arc wherein Father Radiostar finally says goodbye for good. It's a perfect way to send him off if you think about it. By having him beat this man-made  video game-like dungeon together with Hayate, his existence will have come full-circle since he died trying to construct an underground man-made RPG-style dungeon himself.

Of course, do take note that my predictions have a way of NOT coming true, so don't take them too seriously.

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 463: Dede de de de de! De!! Myon myon myon -- Synopsis and Review

Synopsis: Presumably outside of Mikado's estate, it seems Isumi and Athena are in on the plan as well, but they can't provide any direct support. Also, Isumi states that the place is too well-guarded even for the both of them -- and that's definitely something considering that they're two of the most powerful characters in the manga so far. However, Athena is confident that Hayate can pull through.

I'm liking the new character designs. I mean, how can I hate them when everyone looks like Nagi now?

Back inside, Hayate is almost killed by a pit booby trap filled with spears. He discovers that despite Nagi taking care of the electronic locks, there are also tons of non-electronic traps inside Mikado's secret treasure vault. He checks his digital watch and discovers he's only got 45 minutes left or he won't make it out alive, so he summons Father Radiostar by dropping some gravure photo on the ground.
Super Mario reference makes me think he'll find a note saying: Sorry Hayate, the Jewel is in another castle.

The ghost priest immediately appears in front of him and Hayate bribes him with another photo if he'd help him out by letting him borrow one of his will-o'-the-wisps as a flashlight and doing a few odd jobs for him.

Hayate encounters a non-electronically locked door which needs to be opened by punching a cute looking puppy in order to get the key. Hayate hesitates and has a little banter with Father Radiostar. He resolves that he must do it for Lady Nagi's sake (because he's a lolicon and he won't admit it... yet), but while he's doing this, the puppy has now transformed into a giant humanoid rpg dungeon boss behind him with giant claws and all. He gets all fired up because now he doesn't have to hold back.
Only panel of Nagi in this chapter... but she is as cute as ever!
After a grueling off-screen battle, he somehow emerges victorious and manages to take the key. He and Father Radiostar now find themselves in a deathtrap room that is strangely reminiscent of a castle level from Mario. Hayate even says so: "What kind of Mario Galaxy is this?" and Father Radiostar wonders if Bowser is waiting up ahead.

Fortunately, there's a room labeled "Secret Bridge Control Room" right next to them, so they enter hoping to find an easier way to beat this level. Father Radiostar warns Hayate that it's most likely a trap, but Hayate spouts all kinds of Nagi-shipping lines and goes in anyway.
That face on this "puppy." LAWLZ!
He finds a half-naked cutie in a swimsuit inside who is standing next to a picket sign with an arrow pointing at her saying that she is hiding the button for the secret bridge -- except there's really nowhere on her that she could possibly hide said button except in unmentionable places.

The girl explains that she is Makise Konoha and that she's doing this as a part-time job and begins to feed Hayate her sob story about needing the money for her tuition and that her family is poor, her brother is sick and stuff -- totally trying to guilt-trip Hayate... and that's the end of this chapter.

Synopsis: Ok, now we've got more semi-serious funny business in this chapter. This arc or mini-arc as it might turn out to be, is vaguely reminiscent of the Segawa arc wherein Hayate fought against just about everyone -- including Hatsune Miku, seriously!

With that said, I am enjoying it very much. The puppy turning into that monster dog with that ridiculous drooling tongue totally had me laughing. I was also amused at Hayate's reaction and how he was all game to take on a giant monster rather than punch a cute-looking puppy.

It was nice to see Father Radiostar again, as I actually kinda like his character -- even if he gets so little screentime. It was also great to see Isumi and Athena involved here as that indicates that this arc might be more "serious business" than it seems to be. 
Yeah... but "only as her butler." Ho... hum... find some new lines, haters.
Naturally, I loved the Nagi shipping panels with Hayate mostly shipping himself with Nagi. Of course, naysayers (killjoys, actually) will keep using the "only as his master" clause for all eternity until Hata proves them wrong, so I'll just leave it at that.
It seems women are Hayate's true weakness and not his bad luck which he can offset with pure skillz
 Anyway, looks like Hayate's run into some girl problems again and this time, it's a cute one and a new character! Not too sure how large of a role she'll play in the manga or if she's only a one-shot character, but it will be interesting to see how Hayate plans to find his way out of this "trap." Of course, it would be quite easy to have say Hina or even Hamster just pop up from out of nowhere to deal with this "trap."

Speculation Corner: I'm calling it now: Hayate's totally on a fool's errand and the King's Jewel won't be where he's expecting it to be. Sure, Nagi will probably still end up back with her inheritance after this arc is done, but given Hata's track record, it will probably have nothing to do with Hayate's perilous journey into Mikado's treasure vault. 

Anywayz, great chapter and looking forward to the next one!

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Happy Birthday, Miku-chan!

On August 31st 2007, Hatsune Miku was born and changed the world forever! Sadly, I don't have enough time to draw fanart for the occasion, so you'll have to do with this sweet song I'm sharing by Deco*27 with additional pianos by one of my favorite Vocaloid Ps, 40mP.

My Japanese is a bit hazy, but the song is most likely a "thank you" song to Miku for being born on this day. (The video upload is not mine, obviously.) Thanks to Shinico from youtube for reprinting this video from NicoNico

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 462: Explaining it Again -- Synopsis and Review

Synopsis: Continuing on from where we left off in the previous chapter, Nagi and Athena are now eating shaved ice while discussing the King's Jewel thing -- and they are surprisingly in sync with each other!
Finally! I can get down to my seryaz buzinezz!
They discuss the possibility that Mikado could be hiding a King's Jewel inside his castle all while Hayate is absolutely clueless as to what is going on. Finally, it's decided that taking the King's Jewel that Mikado has and presenting it to him is a good way to win back Nagi's inheritance because it's not stealing at all! It's just being kind!
Being smart is one of Nagi's main character traits. Accept it, haters!
With that said, Nagi, Maria and Hayate pay Mikado a visit and put the plan into action. After a brief banter between Nagi and Mikado, she pretends to get all sulky after one of her Grandfather's usual pokes and says she's going to her room for a nap and takes Hayate along with her.

Of course, she actually has a bluetooth headset and a desktop ready and is all set to haxxor Mikado's security systems and deactivate the electronic locks for an hour so that Hayate can get in, steal the Jewel from the Castle's super secret treasure room and its various death traps and get out and win Nagi's inheritance. For some reason, Hayate is all confident with Nagi's support as well as enthusiastic because of the fact that this mission is for winning back his lady's inheritance after all. (he's going to regret it)
Girls: We got a slow one here. Keep up, butler boy!
Anyway, we get a short cut-in of Maria explaining what this Manga is all about and that it's having its Tenth Year Anniversary this October (huzzah!).

Nagi begins the haxxoring process and Hayate proceeds as planned. Of course, once he's in, Nagi can't get in contact with him anymore and after turning on his flashlight, he immediately activates some arrow deathtrap and almost gets killed. The chapter ends here.

Review: Haha! I love how this series is really going back to its roots with the recent beach arc and now this chapter -- a combat butler comedy anime about a boy... who protects a girl... who is in love with him due to a misunderstanding (ok, maybe not so much about the misunderstanding anymore. She seems to have been aware of it for some time now)... and some maid who is apparently also a main character. I'm also pretty stoked that all the flashbacks in the explanation panel are all Hayate x Nagi moments.
Ten years of Hayate. Huzzah!
Anyway, the highlight of this chapter for me would be the rare moment of Nagi and Athena talking in sync with each other -- especially since Athena was all set to stab Nagi with her Antenna hair in the previous chapter for purposely delaying the plot.

Well, for those who want the plot to proceed forward, it seems Nagi will get her inheritance back fairly quickly with this new story arc -- after that, I have no idea where else this story could go except perhaps a recap of the events of the future timeline anime (Yes, they are future timelines. Hata confirmed it both implicitly and explicitly. To deny it is to be needlessly stubborn and delusional!) and then maybe actually approach the end of the series with all the important Birthdays in November and December? (Nagi route! Nagi route!)

I've really fallen in love with this manga (and Nagi in particular) ever since I picked it up just a little over a year ago and I think it's pretty amazing that it's going to be over a decade old soon. I realize that the plot might be a bit plodding for some of you at times, but personally, that's never been a problem for me. The King's Jewel story has never really been the main appeal of the series for me, because I've always liked it more for the interaction between Nagi and Hayate rather than the forced, sometimes cheesy King's Jewel plot. 
Butler and Master work together etc. etc. or whatever it is that Hata said in that one cover.
Let me get this straight: I think that Hata can write a competent story, but dramatic narrative is not really his strongest point. For me, the Manga really shines when it's not taking itself so seriously while still allowing the plot to progress gradually in the background. To his credit, at least Hata's plot has been coherent and relatively consistent all throughout the manga's run -- though I would say that no matter what he says and even if it was seemingly foreshadowed, Athena's arcs felt really out of place in the manga. That doesn't mean I didn't like it -- it still ended with a Nagi flag after all.

Also, I don't really feel the need to defend the manga for having derivative characters and plot -- because it really does. The thing is, there's really nothing wrong with that. Despite its characters being derivative of several archetypes, they have really come to grow into very distinctive personalities throughout the manga's run that it's pretty hard to confuse Nagi for example with Shana or any of the other Kugimiya tsunderes nor with otaku characters like Konata from Lucky Star. There's also Hamster who is so normal that there's no other anime character that I can think of who can out-normal her, not in a literal sense, of course. Of course, out of everyone, the real enigma for me is actually the titular character himself. Hayate is really quite a mystery in that he manages to make himself seem very easy to read at times, while also maintaining a certain level of teenage angst about his past -- which leads him to make some strange decisions and declarations at times.

Anyway, the manga can be as complex or as simple as you would like it to be, but as long as you read it with an open mind and avoid being overly critical, it's really a good read with a little bit of something for just about everyone.

With my rambling done, I'll just leave you with this image:

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About Atrium Iloilo's Carpark Policy

I usually don't post much about real life, but when I do, it's usually a rant/complaint... so with this in mind, read on.

Here in Iloilo City, there's this little-known 4-floor shopping mall known as "The Atrium" located at the very heart/center of the city. It sits adjacent to a hospital and is only a few blocks away from four other significant shopping malls here: Gaisano City, SM Delgado, Marymart Mall and Robinsons Place Iloilo. 

The Atrium has a 2nd floor carpark, which I happened to make use of today after dropping off my mother at the University of San Agustin. Inside the mall, I had some breakfast at McDonald's and then proceeded to make my way out of the building to buy some medicine on an errand for my mother at a drugstore a few blocks away; because everyone knows that the in-house drugstore of The Atrium sells ridiculously overpriced medicine.

This is when I experienced The Atrium's militant carpark policy first-hand. You see, as soon as I set foot outside the store, an armed security guard immediately chased after me and told me that I had to take my car out as soon as I set foot outside of the building. I tried to explain that I'd already had breakfast at McDonald's inside the store (so I did have business in there) and that I was just on my way to a drugstore a few blocks away and that I would be back right away -- to which he responded (in dialect, of course) that no can do and that their policy is that you have to take your car out as soon as you set foot outside of the building -- no room for further protests/discussion. 

Since I knew exactly how these things worked in the Philippines, I had no choice but to comply. You see, these security guards have no discretion whatsoever in the performance of their duties as far as actual authorization goes. If that was the policy laid out by the management, all that they could do was execute it, because their powers are purely ministerial -- so to speak.

Naturally, the security personnel behind The Atrium's CCTV cameras had been monitoring me ever since I'd parked the car inside the mall. This explains the prompt action taken by mall security as soon as I'd set foot outside of the store. He was probably informed via radio to take action.

Given these circumstances, what do you think of this situation? How would you have felt if you were me? Myself, I was probably quite visibly angry even though I did choose to comply with their request without further protest.

From a legal perspective, The Atrium is technically private property and belongs to whichever person or juridical entity which has ownership of the shopping mall. Therefore, they are well within their rights to enforce the carpark policy which I'd just experienced and any other policy that they may establish within the scope of The Atrium shopping mall itself. Therefore, from a legal standpoint, there was absolutely nothing wrong with what they did. 

From a moral standpoint, again, I have nothing to say against them. The policy is obviously in place in order to safeguard the integrity of the business and ensure that the drivers and/or the passengers inside all of the cars parked inside their carpark actually have business inside the shopping mall -- all the time.

Fom a marketing standpoint, is this really all that wise of them? I am aware that this policy has been in place since time immemorial, but this is the age of social media marketing right now where even a single tweet can wreak havoc upon an established individual or business' reputation. Tell me, Atrium Iloilo, how does it look to the public's eye when you cannot even trust the people who make use of your carpark that you have to monitor every single car, driver and passenger who makes use of it and then promptly sic your armed mall security guards to single out every individual who violates your militant carpark policy? I have to commend them for their prompt action, but aren't you misplacing your priorities here?

I'll admit it, my actions were not exactly morally ethical here, but again, was that really so grave a violation as to warrant the kind of positive action from The Atrium's armed mall security that I received -- making me seem like a two-bit pickpocket? 

I'm sure I'm not the only one here, so have any one of you out there reading this ever experienced this kind of treatment from The Atrium's mall security? I won't ask you to take my side if you would prefer to take the morally high ground here, but I will ask you to think and reflect -- how would you feel in my situation? 

In my case, I'm never setting foot in The Atrium again, nor do I need to ever buy anything from them and their satellite Iloilo Supermart branches anywhere else in Iloilo City. A multi-million peso business like theirs certainly would not suffer from the loss of a single individual with an earning capacity of approximately less than half a million annually, and I certainly do not need to buy any of the goods offered within their grocery and in-house stores/stalls specifically from within their establishment/s. This is how I enforce my personal principles -- so tell me, what would you do in my situation? Just let it go and be as passive as everyone else when something clearly does not sit well with you?

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 461: And Sometimes See a Movie -- Review and Synopsis

Unfortunately, no one really cares that much.
Synopsis: Chiharu points out the obvious that despite the happy-happy ending that Hayate got, he still didn't get the King's Jewel required to win back Nagi's inheritance. Alice chimes in to say that she knows where another King's Jewel could be found, but is quickly interrupted by a scream from Nagi.
This is a matter of monumental importance!
Hayate rushes over to see what's up and it seems that a manga that Nagi was reading went with a bad ending. Alice tries to continue from where she left off about her important info regarding the King's jewel; she is dead-set on advancing the plot at all costs! However, Nagi is totally uninterested and says to just send her the info on Line because she wants to watch the new Godzilla movie. Hayate and Maria conclude that with all her delaying tactics, Nagi just wants to procrastinate instead of actually doing something productive -- even if it's something as important as getting her inheritance back.
Lookit the number of ***** Nagi gives for your King's Jewel story.
Chiharu and Kayura react to this bit of info because... they want to watch the movie too, of course. Alice tries to get her bit of info about the King's Jewel through once again, but no one seems interested. Maria has to go and do the laundry, Hamster has to work, Hina has to go attend to some student council affairs, and Chiharu and Kayura want to see Godzilla. Alice sulks and tells them to go see Godzilla or Gamera or whatever. Chiharu suggests they go to roponggi and to watch the movie and sample the shaved ice while they're there. Alice gets angry and Nagi suggests that they go watch the movie, eat shaved ice, while discussing the King's Jewel business at Roponggi.
Alice: King's Jewels story NAO!
Hayate tries to pacify Alice who is on the verge of exploding from anger. She says that she might as well see Godzilla and Hayate adds to her torment by asking her if she's going too. She responds by asking why she's not allowed to see Godzilla because he's the friend of all children.
Poor A-tan and her serious business.
The group arrive at the Roponggi Hills and Nagi's got a nice print on her shirt again.The place to be quite luxurious. Nagi notes that she had a movie theater at home so this is actually the first time she's seeing a movie with friends.
Bawww! See what you've done, everyone?
Nagi is deciding on whether to go for 2D or 3D and Hayate insists that it must be 2D and offers a fussy, long-winded explanation as to why.
Godzilla is A-tan's friend! Got that?
Inside the theater, Alice wants some snacks but goes about it in a roundabout way telling Hayate that he needs to purchase some. When Hayate calls her out on this and asks her if she wants it, she gets all flustered and shows a bit of her tsundere streak. 
Haha! Tsundere Alice.
Finally, the group get into the movie house and Hayate has chosen seats in the first row after the aisle for everyone because he's all fussy about movies and offers a long-winded explanation as to why these seats are the best. The movie finally begins and Hayate asks Athena if she's actually seen Godzilla and she seems to have the wrong idea about the movie. The chapter ends here.
Review: The Athena fans might really love this chapter. In fact, Athena really stole the show with how naturally funny her character is in her child form and when put into funny situations. Basically, this entire chapter was all about A-tan's flustered reactions when no one really cares about her serious business regarding the King's Jewel - and it works really well for the comedy factor. A-tan x Hayate shippers might also notice that this is the most amount of interaction between the two in quite a while and Hayate even sits next to her in the movie theater while Nagi is in the company of Chiharu and Kayura.
The art of misdirection by Kenjiro Hata feat. Chiharu
In a way, it's also quite a bit about Hata projecting his thoughts onto Nagi by using delaying tactics to forestall the actual introduction of the next big story arc. As a dedicated Nagi fan, I found her expressions here really cute and funny. The new character designs actually seem to suit her quite well.

Over-all, there's not much to talk about regarding this chapter as there are no new hints about the next story arc yet except for the obvious one that it's going to be about Nagi getting her inheritance back by finding a new King's Jewel. It seems that Athena will play a role in this arc again as well.

Anyway, it's a nice glimpse as to how movie theaters operate in Japan. Here in the Philippines, it's first-come, first serve as far as the seats are concerned. There are no seat numbers, just a ticket to get into the movie house and you're on your own as far as seats are concerned because the movie theaters are rarely ever packed. The top half of the theater might be full for some blockbusters, but there are usually still quite a few dozen empty ones scattered all over. 

Fanart Corner: Here's a little bit of Nagi fanart. I had it turned into a raglan sleeved shirt along with another fanart of mine via a local T-shirt printing service here. The shirt comes with the print for about 7 USD each. 
And I'll wear it too!