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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 548: Creation From Light -- Review and Synopsis

Synopsis:  Hisui: At last, you're kneeling before me.

Hisui: Now to take teh stone~

Hayate: Why is it amidst all this destruction this kid

Hayate: Still wants to win this fight. She just won't stop.

Hisui: Here I come~

Hayate: Awww c'mon, lez stop fighting (time for you to join my harem)

Hisui: Isn't this what you wished for?

Yozora: Yes~ s'awright. Wait a sec, I'm a bit busy right now.

Isumi: Are wa?

Athena: Who ya gonna call? (ghost busters)

Yozora: Yeah, yeah, guess it can't be helped.

Yozora: Anywayz, my role ends here. I leave the rest to you.

Person on Denwa: Gotcha, be there in 2 minutes~

Athena: Where ya goin?

Hayate and his desperate fighting style.

Yozora: Who knows? :D Now, let's settle this shall we?

Hisui: Afraid to take me on bare-handed? You effin butler!?

Effin Butler: I'll do anything to win!

Hisui: Then I'll slice ya to pieces~

Effin Butler: I gotz teh timing~

Hisui: Effin let me go, Yozora!

Yozora: Hisui, you can't beat Ayasaki Hayate right now.

Hisui: Nani?

Effin Butler: Are wa?

Hisui: Lemme go! We need that thing.

Yozora: Ya need to understand...

Yozora: Hisui, this is my last present.

Yozora: Use this and become the king.

Yozora: It was an honor to have met you.

Sorry, but I feel nothing for you. You look cute here though.

Hisui: :( Yozora...?

Effin Butler: Nani?

Effin Butler: Are wa-----

Effin Butler: Blargh~

Hisui: Thanks for that...

Hisui: Now then, with this I shall be Ki--

Athena: With this, you gonna give up, right?

Isumi: Sorry but, this is the end of the line, right?

Hisui: I see...

Hisui: It's a shame but...

Hisui: We're out of time~

Isumi: Eh?

Athena: Nani?

Denwa Man: Sorry, I'm a bit later than 2 minutes.

Hisui: S'awight. I got this.

Hayate: Dare!?

Isumi: Are wa... (shaky shaky)

Hisui: Sorry for the late intro.

Hisui: Meet mah butler (who is more bad-ass than Hayate who can't beat a little girl)

Hisui: Himegami~

So many developments this chapter... most of them stuff that I dun really care about. We have the big fat reveal that Yozora did indeed call Himegami -- well, we all knew this, right? Also, he is apparently Hisui's butler.

Also, Yozora suddenly decided to disappear into thin air -- apparently forever... bye, Yozora-chan, we hardly knew you. Really, her goodbye had zero impact because all we ever knew is that she's a manipulative character. In this chapter though, we're shown that she seems to genuinely care for Hisui.

Ok, so we're also shown that Athena can indeed use her unlimited blade works magic even without Midas' influence.

Never cross a servant-level magus,

Oh, and Skeleton Midas suddenly pounced on Hayate from out of nowhere... dunno what that was all about.

Anyway, I didn't really think much of this chapter because as usual, the main characters are just being played like tools by the villains. Still, Hisui is just as awesome as ever. It's good that we're shown a moment of weakness to her in this chapter. I'm sure Hayate almost had her and would have won the fight if Yozora hadn't intervened. With that said, we can definitely count on Hisui being better prepared next time.

Ok, here's the thing. Hisui managed to pick up one of Hayate's stones. Seems she wants to become the king or somethin... dunno wazzup with that.

K, that's that. Not much to review here. Also, dun forget to support Hata and buy the manga. Vol. 49 is out.

Himegami: Damn, I'm bad-ass!

Also, it was Hata's birthday yesterday. I just tweeted some birthday art and senpai noticed me~

Awright, that's it for now. Hata's takin a 2-3 week break. See ya then~

Fanart Corner:
The first one is a Nagi meme and goes with anything. Feel free to use it. Anywayz, here ya go~

Hata's drawing not mine. I just traced it and added the colors... and finished her hair lines


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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 547: Hayate vs Hisui!! The Must See Last Battle! - Review and Synopsis

Synopsis: Greetings! Early spoilers from lordcloudx fail translations at your service.

Hayate: As expected, this kid doesn't hesitate... this person...

Hisui: shyaaaa 0_0!

Hayate: Shit...

Hayate looks all cool here... just before he gets beat up

Hayate: This is really dangerous ain't it? These blades?

Hisui: So what? This is a life and death struggle, isn't it?

Hisui: You've gotta be prepared to put your life on the line if you stand against me.

Hayate: Kaa! (lol! good job, hi-chan)

Hayate: You've gotta be kidding me. How is this kid moving like this?

Hayate: b-but if you kill me then you'll never know where I hid the stone, right?

Hisui: My friggin huge snake eyeballs can see that you hid it in your right pocket.

Hayate: Na-nande!?

Hisui: You dun get, do ya?

Hayate: w-what?

Hisui: I knew everything from the start.

Hayate: F-from the start?

Hisui: All your efforts were for nothing. I knew from the start. I knew from the start.

Hisui: I can see everything from the start.

Hayate: This kid is friggin stro...

Hisui: Now, now... pass me dat stone.

Hayate: NEVAH!!!

Housen: Ah, Hisui Hisui... as expected, you're really the best eh?

Housen: fascinating ain't it?

Housen: Seems it'll take a while, so time to take out the trash eh?

Housen: Well then, by your leave.

Athena: Go easy on me huh?

Housen: Dozo

Voice: Well then, good

Isumi: Nice,  a direct hit.

Isumi: Ya ok?

Athena: Yeah

Isumi: Oh, and here's machina's dirty clothes

Athena: OMFG NO THX!

Athena: Also, over there.

Housen: Now I'm mad.

Housen: That was quite a surprise attack, Saginomiya Isumi

Isumi: I am honored by your kind words, princess... now then... please turn back to gold, King Midas' Daughter.

Hayate: wtf was that?

Hisui: Hahaha! This has really turned into the last battle!

Hayate: Stop saying that! We need to get out of here!

Hayate: Aren't you afraid of anything?

Hisui: If you're afraid of such a thing, then you'll never be like the king.

Hayate: The king?

Hisui: Yes, someone as empty as you could never appreciate it.

Where did he pick up another sword from anyway?

Hisui: Someone with no desires who lives as wrongly as you!

Hisui: Wishes make people stronger! Hopes shape the future!

Hisui: This power is the shape of my wish!

Hisui: So know this... I am the chosen one!

Hayate: In this situation, the fight won't stop.

Hayate: If that's the case...

Hayate: This is game over, isn't it?

Hisui: That hurts... this thing is not what a king fears

Athena: Fudge... you're not gonna hold back, are you?

Athena: If this keeps up, the mansion will really collapse

Isumi: You're pretty strong, huh?

Housen: Nah, not really

HOusen: However, Tennousu Athena is recovering quickly. At this rate, our lose is inevitable. Also wtf is... (looks at Hisui)

Good job, Hi-chan!

Housen: She can't beat Hayate Ayasaki.

Housen: If we can't beat him, we can't get the stone. Then... I have no choice

Housen: Hello, this is Housen.

Review: Gotta be honest, I was cheering for Hisui all the way during this chapter -- and she certainly delivered. I like how she beat Hayate up both physically and emotionally. It seems the emotional blow didn't quite get to him yet, but I'm sure he'll start thinking about what she said pretty soon.

Isumi: Can I have my revenge match now?

I'm also glad to see that Hisui is super competent in combat -- which would explain her bravado in the previous chapter. Unfortunately, as Housen pointed out, she can only fight Hayate to a standstill. It seems she can't beat him. Housen herself admits to being at a disadvantage against Isumi and a quickly recovering Athena... because somehow, Isumi will win... lol!

Anyway, Isumi casually confirmed that Housen is indeed Midas' daughter. I'm sure Hata will explain that away at some point.

While it was nice to see Isumi finally get her revenge match, the highlight of this chapter was really Hisui (again) being effin crazy and actually talking more sense than Hayate -- who was once again his passive, wishy-washy self this entire chapter. Gotta tell ya (again), I enjoyed watching Hisui beat him up and I hope there's more to come.

I have exactly one guess as to who Housen is calling up: Princess God.

Ok, really exciting chapter, but not much to discuss... yet. This is really shaping up to be the final arc alrighty, but there's still a lot left to be resolved. I also feel that both Housen and Hisui will turn out to be not so bad once everything is over.

As a side note, vol. 49 of Hayate is out. Imma buyin it coz mai waifu is in it... even if she's not the cover girl this time. That honor goes to Maria. Go buy eet and support Hata if ya can!

By the way, Doughnut Gunso has mentioned that Hisui is not a "flat character" -- I beg to disagree... her chest is flatter than Nagi'!

Anyway, no break next week so see you then!

Fanart Corner:
I have one today. It's actually an old sketch that I've finally had time to digitally color recently.

Mai waifu is so tsundere here

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 546: Spiral Mirror Bliss Theater -- Review and Synopsis

Synopsis: Hisui: Mataku, why'd you come here in the middle of da night?

Hisui: You're a bit lacking in common sense, ain't ya?

Hayate: Sorry, didn't have time to push the intercom.

Hisui: So, ya lookin for this? (shows em the stone)

I gotz ya stone right here~

Hayate: Are wa!

Athena: Watashi no ishi

Hisui: N?

Hisui: Yozora? Who da shrimp?

Yozora: Eh?

lovely, isn't she?

Yozora: AA... are wa Tennousu Athena desu

Hisui: Tennousu?

Hisui: Could this be the old man's favorite, Tennousu Athena? But I thought she was 17 or 18.

Yozora: yearh....

Hisui is crazy... I like her.
Yozora: She used the royal power with da king's jewel or somethin and then lost her memories.

Yozora: To cure the illness of death, Tennousu Athena used the royal powah 10 years ago. (I dunno whose death she's talkin about. Seems to be Athena's or it could be Mikado's)

Yozora: Father assigned the Tennousu House to protect...

Yozora: Anywayz, various things happened after that and she got confined in the Royal Garden for a few years.

Yozora: So like Mikado somehow turned her into a kid and stuff (wait for the proper scanlations lol)

Yozora: Anywayz, it's a big wonder. Could it be your purpose is to destroy the  Royal Garden and the Royal Power?

Athena: Yearh, good thing you got that! I'mma destroy everything!

Yozora: Well ain't that a shame? What can you do in that form?

Yozora: Careful, Hisui. Her purpose is to destroy that jewel.

Hisui: She wants ta regain her true form by destroying that jewel.

Athena and Hayate: We're screwed

Yozora: Anywayz, without destroying that stone, you a helpless liddle kid.

Yozora: Ain't that a shame? With the stone here you gonna be a kid foreeeeever~

Hisui: There's no forever, biyatch

Yozora: Eh?

Hayate and Athena: Eh?

Yozora: Hisui WA YA DOIN?

Hisui: move yo ass, Yozora

Hayate: It's BROKEN BAKA NA!

Hayate: Wait, but this is to our advantage.

Hayate: A-tan!

Athena: I'mma powerin up~


Hisui: 0_0....

Hayate: A-tan!

Hayate: A-tan daijobu!?

Yozora: Fudge... I'm screwed

Yozora: Hisui anata doushite?

Hisui: kuaaaa kukkukukukukuku

Hisui: Ahahahahahahahahaha!

Hisui: I see, so this is the real thing.

Athena: Shh... my power level is about to exceed 9000~

Hisui: It really exists huh? The castle, the power

Yozora: Masaka... anata...

Hayate: Ascertain it with your own eyes?

Hayate remembers what Sakuya said about Hisui being troublesome coz she just DUN CARE!

Yozora: B-but da friggin stone!

Hisui: Dun worry bout it

Hisui: We got a stone right in front of us.

Yozora: Eh?

Hayate: Do-doushite?

Hisui: The stone may be destroyed but jez take a good look in front of you.

Hisui: This is...

Hisui and Hayate: advantageous

Hisui:  Well then, shall we go?

Watcha gonna do now, Hayate?
Hisui: This is my battle~ flies at Hayate

Hayate: stands there like an idiot

Athena: Hayate!

Hisui: Ha? Very good~

Hayate: This kid... is really serious...

Review: Lots of stuff happening in this chapter but the most important thing of course is that big A-tan is back! Huzzah... for those of you who care about that sort of thing. Go ahead and have a field day with this chapter.

Hisui: I just broke the stone and I'm all casual about it, yo~
Anywayz, she is back due to Hisui being a crazier biyatch than even Yozora thought she was. Seems she just wanted to make sure that all this crazy BS that Yozora has been presumably feeding her is all true and so, she just put it to a test by restoring Athena's true form. Can't help thinking that Hisui breaking Athena's stone so whimsically like that was pretty much an antithesis to Nagi's breaking the stone for Hayate's sake. Can't be a coinc

Just to make sure that you all realize that she's still a villain, she then proceeds to go and attack Hayate for his remaining stones coz ya know, they still need a stone to get into da Royal Garden and stuff. I'mma thinkin Yozora and Athena won't just be standing around, either so we got a battle goin in the next chapter, I suppose.

Personally, I'm quite interested in seeing more of Hisui in action. Also a good thing that Athena is now back into her teenage form more or less permanently. Time to settle some loose ends with her ship and all.

Fanart Corner:
Yeah, I got some today. Here ya go~ I drew this for a friend

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Hayate The Combat Butler 545: Kimi No Na Ha -- Review and Synopsis

Kimi no Copyright Infringement... more like.
Synopsis: Ta-dah! You can always rely on lordcloudx fail translations to get it almost but not quite right... on with the transcript:

Listen, Mouthful Nadja san

Chiharu: I seeeee that old house legend is interesting eh?

Nagi: Yearh, but it's only a legend anywayz

Nagi: HOWEVER! After mommy kicked the bucket

Dun cry little Nagi~

Nagi: Some unknown spaz talked to me

Totally Nadja: Waz wrong? Yukariko's little princesss

Totally Nadja: I can't go back with ya crying, so lemme tell ya the castle's secret~

Chiharu: himitsu?

Nagi: sou.

Someone: Blah blah Nadja's book. Use it and you trade 50 years of your life for a wish and stuff, but it seems I gotta use it without the 50 year lifespan trade-off thing coz the fans dun want to see an old hag Athena.

Hayate: So that means...

Athena: blah blah something about the usage of the king's jewels and the royal power

Athena: (let's see she said something like...) King Midas made it so that the Royal Garden is endless so that he could trade 50 years of his life to use STAR POWER! However...

Nagi: Gotta have a king's jewel to use da POWER or you can't go out of the Royal Garden.

Nagi tan rabu rabu~
As long as no one comes to help ya, you gonna be FOREVER ALONE!

No one will come and definitely, definitely, you gonna be FOREVER ALONE!

Chiharu: Watta frightening story eh?

Nagi: Yeaarh

Nagi: That's why this is a stone of bonds

Whoever wants to help

SHould have proof of love and a strong bond.

Chiharu: A strong bond huh?

Chiharu: Well, you two will be ok, right?

Chiharu: You and Ayasaki-kun coz you're in love with each other!

Nagi: Yeah, yeah, we haz true love!

Chiharu: Ya got that right!

Maria: ......

Maria muttering to herself: Somehow... you should go but you can't without the stone, right?

Any chapter with a few cute pics of mai waifu is a good one.

Athena: That person gonna abuse it.

Hayate: Yearh but...

Hayate: We're here but how do we get in?

Athena: Eh?

Hayate: There's a chime, but it would be silly to use it.

Athena: Or go trespassing...

Isumi: Yeah, but the residents in there had no qualms about trespassing and robbing the treasure that's in there right now.

Hayate: Yeah, that's true but... the opponent is rather unreasonable this time that's why.... eh?


Isumi: Ah, good evening, Hayate-sama~ quite a coincidence meeting my bad-ass self this time of night eh?

Hayate: Isumi-san?

Athena: Hoo boy... you don't hold back, do you?

Isumi: Eh, watcha talkin about? It seems that door just decided to be blown away by itself.

Hayate: That's a friggin lie!

Isumi: I just came to meet a friend. What a cheap gate, eh?

Isumi: Anywayz, no time to waste. Time to enter this house. It would be rude to refuse this gate that just decided to open itself.

Hayate: Eh?

Isumi: Hisui-chan - I'm here to visit~

Isumi: With this, it's fine to enter and rob the treasure~ let's go~

Hayate: WTF is up with zis biyatch?

Athena: Well, Isumi-san is here so it's a good thing, right?

Hayate: Ah.. sorewa....

Athena: I brought this along (shows him the Athena power meter) as precaution but now we gotz Isumi...?

Athena: Fudge, she chose this time to get lost?

Hayate: At this crucial moment? Isumi san! Isumi san!

Some friends came along huh?

Hisui: This stone is really important, it seems.

Hisui: Well, since they came all this way, I'll listen to what they have to say.

Hisui: But bring the thief back in one piece, k?

Hayate: There's no one in here, huh?

Athena: Sou desu ne.

so cute~

Hayate: It's so huge but there's no one around.

Hisui: The king and the victor are also all alone in the world~

Hisui: How've you been doing... whatsyername?

Hayate: Ayasaki Hayate desu.

Review: Well, I totally expected a Fumi, Sharna and Shii-chan chapter again this time around, but thankfully Hata proved me wrong. Anywayz, we continue with where we left off in the last chapter.

One interesting development here is Maria overhearing Nagi and Chiharu's conversation. Let's see where she goes with this info... well, things won't be looking good for Nagi for a while. She is totally going to be crying, but it's all good for her in the end. Also, Hayate needs to suffer some as well.

Of course, the most interesting development for me was Hata using some Athena x Ikusa moments while Nagi was explaining stuff about strong bonds and proof of love~

Yeah, go ahead and deny it~ I'm waiting~
Anywayz, looks like Hisui is going up against Hayate and mini A-tan, but she can apparently use her power for an hour or somethin.

Isumi got herself lost again after blowing up the gate... did she really? I betcha she just went off to have her revenge match with Housen.

So over-all, things are proceeding quickly and all is going according to plan~ See ya next week!

Fanart Corner: This is a reaction pic that you can use for just about anything. I made it specifically for chatting on facebook.

While I'm at it... have a naughty edit spliced together with an old fanart~

The next day...

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 544: Great Stygian of Abyss -- Review and Synopsis

Isumi's revenge... coming soon~
Synopsis:  Awright, we start with the same scene from last chapter of Mikado telling Hayate and Athena to destroy the King's Jewel in order to restore her powerz... with a little something different that's not worth bothering with. To continue...

So Sakuya is with Isumi at her house (sakuya's presumably) and she informs them over the phone that there's been an intruder and they took Athena's butler along with the stone. So she be investigating it with Isumi and she's wondering if they have any clues who it might be and sends them a pic.

Hayate sees the pic and goes all "eh?"

Hayate recognizes it as Hisui's maid while Athena remembers that she's the one they fought in the Violet Mansion with Isumi, Hayate and Tama.

So anywayz, Mikado goes all "ZOMG! Hisui has a stone! This be bad for the Sanzenin inheritance and stuff."

Hayate tries to act all cool and goes "daijobu! It ain't over yet!"

He says he gonna go over to Hisui's to take back teh stone also so he can destroy it and return A-tan to her original form (lol! he can try)

So sakuya tells im to be careful and stuff coz Hisui ain't an easy opponent.

Meanwhile, upon realizing that it was Housen whom she fought before in the violet mansion, Isumi says she's goin too coz she wants some revenge for the last time.

At Hisui's lair, she and Housen be brainstormin how to get the old explosion of negative emotions.

Anywayz, Hisui dun believe that the loto key is really in the royal garden coz there's not enough info for now and
A-tan and Hayate in a chopper:
wtf is the royal power anyway?

So A-tan wants to talk a bit about the royal power. So she asks Hayate if he knows about the legend of the King's Ear and the Donkey's ear.

Anywayz, he says he forgets the details. She changes the question and asks him if he knows the meaning of the donkey's ears. So he dunno so we go storytelling time with A-tan.

Tis a story from a long time ago from... Phrygia.

So a long time ago King Midas REALLY loved gold so he was greedy and I mean like real greedy like he wanted all the world's gold.

So one day, by total chance, some stupid god decided to help im out...

So this god decided to grant him one wish.

Midas asked for (ya know that legend) he asked for everything he touched to be turned to gooold.

Anywayz, that was a biiig mistake by old midas and he turned his daughter (who looks an awful lot like Yozora Housen) to gold.

So he asked the god to retract his wish.

But in return for this, he would get donkey's ears attached as a symbol for being a stupid animal.

So anywayz, there's also that kind and the barber story, but the important part stars here.

So King Midas thought.... ya know what, I want the God's power for myself.

So he used his wealth to gather STAR POWER and then tricked the god.

So this girl's power was sealed in a castle. This be the royal garden.

King Midas sealed her in the castle. And the god slept inside a coffin in the deepest part. That be the royal power.

He used the power of the stars in exchange for fifty years of his life to grant any wish...the book of Orumzuto Nadja

It's effin Housen!
Review: Well, we're back to the King's Jewels plot... so huzzah for ya people who like that sort of thing. Anyway, a few big reveals this chapter, but personally, I found Isumi's desire for a revenge match with Housen to be the best part of this chapter.

I'll let you guys figure out the implications of Athena's story. Go ahead and discuss it in the comments coz I sure don't feel like it. I am sad coz mai waifu is not on panel this week. If anything, we found out that the god that Midas tricked is actually a goddess based on what Athena said... unless I misinterpreted that -- which is very likely coz I dun feel like reading Japanese when mai waifu ain't around.

Speculation Corner: Yeah, we've got one of those today. So Midas' daughter in the flashback looks suspiciously like Yozora Housen. Gotta give credit to Bill Plunderbones for this -- he called it some time ago. Now we don't have any official confirmation on this, but it looks quite likely.

Also, it would seem that Athena might actually be the "god" or "goddess" as the case may be who gave Midas his power. Either that or it's someone else entirely. Also no idea what that book is all about at the end of this chapter. It's worth noting that Nadja is Nagi's verbal sparring partner in those 4koma panels though.

Fanart Corner: Yeah, I've got one. This is still lacking in some details, but  here ya go. Also, see ya next week!

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 543: Us Within The Present -- Review and Synopsis

Ya ship Wataru x Nagi? I feel sorry for you after this chapter LOL!
Synopsis: Nagi and Wataru's promise

Chapter 543: Us within the present

Wataru: You know, I have something to talk to you about but...

Nagi: Something to talk about?

Wataru: Yeah

Wataru: I won't marry you.

Nagi: look of contempt

Mai waifu so pretty~

Nagi punches Wataru

Nagi: What's with that bossy tone of yours? Are you sleepwalking?

Wataru: That's not it. It's just that you and I were engaged once ENGAGED.That's what I wanted to talk to you about.

Nagi: Ah?

Nagi: That was still a thing wasn't it?

Wataru: Eh? Of course. I was seriously worried about it, wasn't I?

Nagi: That was just a poorly planned idea by our parents wasn't it? Besides, the ones who planned that are dead and your house fell into poverty.

Wataru: That may be so... but there's that promise we made when were little.

Wataru: That's why, take this... (hands her the King's Jewel). "This is a guide." She said.

Wataru: It came from the Sanzenin's colleagues. It's probably very expensive.

Nagi: Is that ok? It's some kind of guide to fulfill a dream?

Wataru: I don't need something from my mother to help me out, that's why.

Wataru: My Akihabara shop is doing well. In addition, I want to make it the best in the world.

Mai waifu so lovely~
Wataru: Together with Saki... definitely...

Wataru: That's why this belongs to you.

Wataru: Definitely, what you are aiming for is far from me.

Nagi: I see...

Wataru: You've been drawing your manga, right?

Wataru: This time, it's no longer doujin. You're aiming to be a pro, right?

Nagi: So... so what?

Wataru: Do your best!

Wataru: Someday, your manga will be published and I'll advertise it in my shop.

Wataru: That's why... do your best.

Nagi: Fu~n, you don't have to tell me that.

Wataru: You never change, do you?

Wataru: Then, do your best... my original betrothed.

Nagi: Yup, you too.

Nagi eyes teh Jewel she got from Wataru inside the Sanzenin mansion.

Chiharu: WTF is up wid dat stone, ho?

Nagi: Oh? This?

Nagi: It's a stone handed down from the Sanzenin family. It has a mysterious power.

Chiharu: Fu~n it looks like a power stone.

Nagi: A long time ago, I was told by someone that this was a stone of bonds.

Chiharu: oooh, that's nice, isn't it? It fulfills a love... it gives me that kind of feeling.

Nagi:... there is a castle.

Chiharu: Castle?

Nagi: This stone originally belonged to that castle where a God lives.

Nagi: The royal power... a mysterious power.

Hayate in Mikado's mansion: Wtf is this royal power?

Mikado: ....

Hayate: Like I said earlier, Yukariko friggin hid the loto key inside the Royal Garden.

Hayate: If ya don't have a King's Jewel, ya kin not getz in.

Hayate: We gotta get to that castle knowing that Hisui's group is after it as well.

Hayate: That way, we can beat em to it. The power is also the Sanzenin family's heritage.

Mai waifu so cutie~
Athena: However, there's no way I can believe that.

Athena: You're so irresponsible you won't even tell me how to get back to my original form.

Mikado: How about "jumping chance?"

Athena: Ha?

Mikado: Like I said. Jumping chance. I'll tell you how to get back to your original form if ya give me a stone. I give you my word.

Hayate: Mataku...

Athena: It can't be helped, can it?

Hayate: Here, have a stone.

Mikado: Whut? Really?

Hayate: yeah

Mikado: Hah! I get it. You plan to take the stone as soon as I tell you.

Hayate: So pleaz tell us.

Mikado: Destroy it.

Athena: Eh?

Mikado: Your power has been sealed. Destroy the stone and you will return to your normal form.

Athena: Eh, izzat so? With such a simple thing>

Mikado: Yup, no doubt about it.

Hayate: Ain't that nice, A-tan?

Athena: Yeah, the stone is with Machina therefore.... (oh fudge... I ain't so smart after all)

Mai waifu so... HNNNNG! I must hug her!
Isumi calls (wait... she knows how to use a phone?)

Athena: Yellow?

Hayate: Well, this has been settled but...

Athena: Eh?

Hayate: Doushitano?

Athena: The friggin king's jewel is gone.

Hisui: Fu~n.

Hisui: what the fudge is up... with this Royal Power, I mean.

Well, let's get the best news out of the way first, shall we? Anywayz, for those hoping for a rekindling of the Wataru x Nagi ship after seeing that chapter cover... LOL! Ain't it sad? Not gonna happen, son! Also, that was an awesome way to kill this ship for good~

Nagi's reaction to this chapter cover.

I mentioned in the previous review about how the Wataru x Nagi ship has been subtly sunk... well, now it's been explicitly sunk so HUZZAH! Also, now Nagi has a King's Jewel... we'll get to that later.

K, so we find out in this chapter that Nagi seems to know some stuff about the royal power from her mother, but she's never seen any of that stuff in action so she just thinks of it as a fairytale.

Also, Hayate really could take lessons from Wataru in how to be a MAN! I agree with Doughnut Gunso when he says that Wataru is a lot more mature than Hayate. Yes he is! Yes he is! Screw you, Ayasaki! Grow up already!

Finally, Hayate and Athena are consulting with Mikado for some reason and finally get him to tell Athena how to return to her original form. Problem is, the stone was with Machina, which was stolen by Hisui and her battle maid/vampire/succubus.  Anywayz, epic battles await.

With that said, this was a pretty straighforward chapter. Everyone's been provided with different motivations and the side characters have been sidelined leaving room only for the key players. Tis time for Drama. With Nagi having a King's Jewel and without Hayate's knowledge, it's a ticking time bomb of negative emotions waiting to happen. But it's FINE. This has been a long time coming and I'm quite confident that this is actually the best way for my ship to finally set sail... and for Hayate to realize the error of his ways and grow up.

On to the next chapter! No break next week... but it could be a filler~

Fanart Corner:
Ok, here ya go. Traditional art time again.

A request from someone. Nagi as Kikyou.

She'd probably hurt herself if she tried to use that whip. That's not a good way to use your precious hair, ojou-sama!

Mini canvas and easel set from DAISO Japan. Gonna have to take a better picture of this for next week.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 542: Boy Meets Girl -- Review and Synopsis

Still think Wataru x Nagi is a thing?
Synopsis: Nagi: I... want to make a movie!

Hayate: ......

Hayate: What's the punch line? Why do you wanna shoot a movie?

Nagi: Eeeeh?

Nagi: Haven't you seen The new Godzilla movie? (I think) Are you some kinda shut-in?

Hayate: Corz not, but current events is a litte...

Any chapter with tons of Nagi is a good chapter!

Nagi: Nevermind... awesome, ain't it? New Godzilla? Definitely awesome. There are several things I'd like to mention but...I see, you haven't seen it yet.

Nagi: Or... do ya mind spoilers?

Nagi: The preview doesn't really show you anything about the story... I'd like to tell yu but... AAAAAH! HOWEVER....!

Nagi: Arghh! I don't have any patience. I really want to tell!

Hayate: Eh... wait... ojou-sama!?

We shift to Wataru x Saki

Wataru: New Gozhira is selling. We stockz up on it!

Wataru: Blah blah blah business talk

Saki: This is a real powerful movie ain't it?

Wataru: Of course! This is a rare chance!

Saki: I see... it's interesting ain't it? This movie.

Wataru: Eh?

Wataru: It couldn't be... you haven't seen it?

Saki: Well of course.

Saki: Coz Godzilla is a children's movie, right?

Wataru: >(

Saki: People in a dire situation, an ugly giant monster breathing fire? It's a childrens movie like Mothra and Gamera, right?

Wataru: Chitsu.... chi....


Nagi: It's simultaneously screened with (whatever)! The new Godzilla is nothing like that!

Nagi: Seriously, show some respect for the creator... kids these days

Hayate: S-sorry about this outburst.

Wataru: Nope, I understand.

Saki: !?

Wataru: The biggest problem with this city... has been presented to us in the form of a movie!

Nagi: You understand, Wataru!

Wataru: I understand! I definitely understand!

Nagi: Well then, do you have the figure from the first to the third reproduction?

These reactions from Nagi are so cute!

Wataru: Of course, 3 dimensional undertanding is important!

Hayate: Haha... those two are real buddies aren't they?

Saki: (sulks)

Saki: Hayate-sama... I'm gonna see Godzilla for a bit, ok?

Hayate: Eh? Wait a sec! Whose gonna mind the store while Wataru is givin a movie lecture?

Saki: I'll leave that to you, Hayate-sama!

Hayate: Eh? I'm busy... Saki-saaaan!

Saki: Honestly... waka is such a handful.

Saki: Hmph! I'mma watch this move and then I'll be able to appreciate it and have fun talking with him too! (show em how it's done, Saki-chan! I support thee!)

Saki: Well, it's not a children's movie, but what does waka see in this? I'll find out myself.

Saki: (dumbfounded)

Saki: Mataku... I didn't get it.

Saki: I understand that there were many amazing things but... the dialogue was so fast I couldn't understand what they were saying. I also couldn't read the effin subs. Why were they so scared of Godzilla? Isn't he an ally of humans? I couldn't get it at all!

Saki: Eh? Really? Did those two really get it?

Saki: (mentions some censored copyrighted stuff) these three are the point... I get it, I get it!

Nagi: In other words, that person's identity was...

Wataru: What? What?

Saki: Why is it these two understand that difficult movie so much?

Hayate: Ah, welcome back. How was teh movie?

Wataru: Ah, Saki! You've seen the movie.

Nagi: How waz it? How waz it?

Saki: Eh?

Was it interesting/ Was it intersting?

Saki: Eh... well.....

Saki: Yes, it was very intersting.

Nagi: Wasn't it? It's the best as expected!

Nagi: Yosh! Now that Saki has seen it too. Shall we go to the Tomogawa defense line?

Wataru: Ooooh! That's definitely necessary!

Nagi: Uwaaaa! This is the Tomogawa absolute defense line!

Nagi: Awright, now let's go to intercept the tank batallion, Hayate!

Wataru: Sugeee... it's real exciting seeing it in real life.


Saki: I think understanding Wataru and Nagi ojou-sama is difficult for me.

Saki: As expected, those two are really well-matched. They get along well with each other.

Saki: For waka's future... really, meeting a girl like Nagi ojou-sama is the best.

Wataru: Ha?

Wataru: You... didn't understand the movie, did you?

Ah, Nagi~tan! Why is even your silhouette so cute?

Wataru: To be honest, I don't really understand this place either.

Saki: Eh?

Wataru: This place was shown three times in the picture and yet... the character's starting position is still unknown. The last part I didn't understand either.

Wataru: However... even if I don't know... I still love it...

Wataru: It's love... therefore, I think... love is being by someone's side. Love is wanting to know more about someone.

Wataru: What do you think?

Wataru: If you give me love... I would be very happy but... (blushes)

Saki: Suki desu yo...

Saki: Understanding might take a lifetime but... come what may, to wherever and even in death.

Nagi: Oi Wataru! Come take a look. This is the bridge that was broken.

Wataru: Oh!

Review: Quite a timely chapter we have here today. Godzilla is premiering in Philippine theaters right now. I'll probably get to watch it this friday.

Anywayz, I absolutely loved this chapter. It starts with Nagi being her random, whimsical self. Naturally, Hata uses her to channel his love for Godzilla. As it happens, Wataru happens to be a big fan of the movie as well and they get pretty chummy with each other. This visibly upsets Saki who wants to have a fun time chatting with him as well. I really love what she does next.

She makes an active effort to watch the movie and to try to understand what Wataru (and Nagi) see in it. Of course, since she's not really all that genre-savvy, she fails to get the point... BUT, she hides this fact because she really wants to be in on what Wataru likes.

It's this active effort from Saki that I really like. I believe this chapter shows us a lot about Hata-sensei's views on love. He's not the "one true love" type of guy. In fact, what we see here is that Saki admits that Nagi is probably a lot more compatible with Wataru than she is when she notices how Nagi and Wataru are having fun with each other.

However, Wataru is not to be underestimated and he sees through Saki's initial bluff. What he says about love is basically a confession on his part -- something that Saki has actually been waiting for from him for quite a while... age gap be damned.

In fact, Hayate could stand to learn a lot from Saki in this chapter. He clearly wants to find someone to love, but he can't even sort out his feelings and goes out of his way for all the wrong reasons. Here, Saki's efforts were not in vain because Wataru noticed and indirectly refuted her assumption that just because he and Nagi seemed compatible that they'd be better for each other.

Here, Hata is clearly challenging the readers' conventions on what love is all about. It's not about initial compatibility. It's about how each party feels about the other and making an active effort to actually understand the other person. So yeah, maybe we should stop thinking about whether x is better with x because of their personalities. Wataru and Saki have proven in this chapter that personalities don't matter as much as wanting to be by that person's side. Understanding another person takes a lifetime of commitment.

Anywayz, I've always felt that Wataru x Saki represented a cleaner, less complicated version of the relationship between Hayate and Nagi, so I'm glad that their ship has finally sailed undetterred in this chapter. Also... I'm glad that despite the initial shipteasing, the Wataru x Nagi ship has been sunk for good. TAKE THAT!

Finally, to top things off. It seems Hata has been systematically giving various side characters their "happy endings" quite recently. We have the first couple in this chapter in Wataru and Saki, but we've already seen some satisfying conclusions for Ruka, Yukiji, and most recently, Izumi's own personal stories. I believe that instead of treating these as fillers, we should think of these as preparatory chapters for the harder-hitting plot-related ones in the near future. Anywayz, this was an enjoyable chapter over-all. I have no complaints.

Photo Corner: Today is 8/31 in the Philippines and Japan. It is the birthday of my favorite singer in the world, the one and only Hatsune Miku! To commemorate this ocassion, Nagi doll has donned a Miku-inspired outfit partially sewn by me. Anywayz, see you in... 9/14. If you liked thse pics of Nagi doll, do check out my 365 photo project blog at where you'll see a new pic of Nagi doll every day for 365 days.

Miku: That's it, Nagi-chan! Step to the right like this~
Nagi: Happy Birthday, Miku! Thank you for almost a decade of amazing music!
Conquer the world... with shining hair via Lux Shampoo.

Extra: Here's my translation of the song for that Lux Miku commercial btw:
(come now) Living straightforwardly
(heartfully) Look at me! Walk out with confidence!
(From here)Yearning will transform into the real stage
(Dazzling) Wrapped in the light
(Starting) My story
(Let's go forth) Conquer with shining hair!